Flourish your wedding with the best flowers

People getting married in the winter season may worry that there will not be many colours and floral varieties available. However, there are many winter wedding flowers to select from. White weddings are popular in winter, but an all-white colour palette does not have to be all white. You can opt for a graceful, "antique" white look, made up of flowers in ivories, creams, and even very pale blush hues. You can also buy anniversary flowers with elegant silver and white arrangements.

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Carnations Are the Best Choice for a Wedding in January

Carnations represent beauty, pride, gratitude, fascination, divine love, distinction and admiration. The feathery soft petals of multilayered carnation are very appealing and appropriate for January weddings. If your loved ones have their anniversary in January, you should present them with a bouquet of carnations. These flowers are also appreciated for their rich colours and fragrance.

February Wedding Should Be Celebrated with Iris

Iris’s three upright petals represent valour, faith and wisdom. They also represent hope, close friendship, and passion. It is amazing that you have the variety to choose from as this flower comes in different colours such as – yellow, purple, white and blue. These flowers are also greatly associated with the 25th wedding anniversaries. You can send them to your loved ones through online flower delivery.

Asters Can Make Your Wedding Magical

Due to its lush texture, wildflower charm and rich hues, it is easy to understand why asters are linked with magical powers. In ancient times, it was believed that whenever the aster leaves are burned the evil drives away. This flower is now known as a mascot of love and a symbol of grace. Asters are a perfect choice to buy anniversary flowers for your near and dear ones.

Marigold Are Great to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Marigolds are rich and autumn- coloured quintessential flowers. Ancient Christians named marigolds as Mary’s Gold and also placed it near the statue of Virgin Mary. Colourful and charming, with the late harvest and an open bloom, marigolds symbolize affection and excellence. However, marigolds do not survive for a long time after they are cut, so it is better to gift a fall arrangement to people celebrating their wedding anniversary in winters.

Chrysanthemum Are a Popular Choice to Decorate

Japanese consider the orderly folding of Chrysanthemum petals to display perfection and Confucius saw them as an object of meditation. In ancient times, this flower was seen as a symbol of sun and therefore, it held many honourable positions in ancient culture. This flower also signifies happiness and optimism. These can also be used to decorate cake and delicacies for anniversary celebrations.

Poinsettia Is the Flower to Choose for Christmas Themed Wedding

Poinsettia is the Christmas flower and is also known as a humble weed. The popular story is – a little girl with no particular intention kept the weeds on church alter and they magically turned into brilliant red blooms. This amazing flower symbolizes merriment and joy and is perfect to gift to the anniversary celebrators of winter through online flower delivery.

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