First Date Survival Pack: 11 Things You Should Carry With You On A First Date

Confused on what you should bring on a first date? Here is exactly what you should put in your purse before heading out the door to meet your potential soulmate. You never know how the night will end up, so it's always better to stay prepared!

Jocelyn Rovers
Created by Jocelyn Rovers
On Aug 13, 2019
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First of'll need your bare essentials.! Also, make sure you bring a bunch of cash with you so you can smoothly pay half the bill if you don't want him to feel like he needs to pay the whole thing.

2'll need the strongest mints you can get your hands on.

Because what if you order garlic prawns without thinking and then are stuck with eternal garlic breath for the rest of the night? No bueno. Buy the strongest mints you can find, preferably with a burst of Listerine mouthwash.


And some lip balm.

Toss some natural lip balm into your bag to keep your lips soft and moisturized because who knows what will happen at the end of the night. Wink wink...


And a small bottle of perfume.

Freshen up your "scent" by spritzing or rolling on some perfume half-way through the night. He'll be like "how is it that she's smelling better and better as the night goes on?...Witch!"

5 extra pair of underwear.

Cause you never know how the night will end, or the next morning. Wearing old, dirty underwear is SO uncomfortable. Pack an extra pair and discreetly change when you have the chance.


You also might need some baby wipes.

Just to uh...freshen up down there...if the occasion calls for it.


Bring a comb and hair ties to do your hair in the morning.

Don't even bother trying to make your hair look like it did last night, wet it, brush it through and then put it in a pony tail. Easy...morning-after hair.


Bring some makeup...

Some lipstick, pressed powder and mascara is all you'll need for touch ups during the night as well as for looking hot the next day.


And some makeup remover.

Racoon eyes be gone! Carry a small bottle of makeup remover to sweep away smudged eyeliner and mascara under your eyes.


You also might wanna bring a little liquid courage.

If you know that you're gonna be more nervous than usual on this particular date, bring a small bottle of hard liquor. It sounds totally sketchy, but think of it as an alternative to taking a beta-blocker. You don't wanna be that girl who orders "too many drinks" BYOB.



You don't wanna be stuck in a situation where neither of you came "prepared". You also don't wanna use potentially expired condoms. Stay safe and bring your own stuff.

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