12 Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen

The quarantine has caused many of us to be stuck at home. Why not take this opportunity to get organized? Here are 12 ways to get your kitchen in order.

Jocelyn Rovers
Created by Jocelyn Rovers
On Apr 10, 2020

Install a plastic bag dispenser

One of the keys for organizing your kitchen, especially if it's small, is utilize your wall space! Moving your plastic bags from under your cupboard and placing them in this wall-hanging plastic bag holder your wall will make a huge difference!


Put dry goods into stackable containers

Stack your dry goods and save space by emptying your cereals, flours and grains into these clear, plastic containers. Label them accordingly and you're good to go!


Install a drawer in your cupboard

Another great way to streamline your kitchen is to install these mesh drawers into your cupboards, turning the inside of your cupboards into a mini drawer unit!


Get a plastic wrap holder

Wax paper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil and parchment paper can be stacked in this wrap holder save space in your drawers for other things.


Get a magnetic spice rack

Put your spices on the wall and save drawer space with this handy magnetic spice rack! The glass lids show you exactly what's in there and it looks pretty cool on the wall.


Hanging Fruit Basket

Put your fruits and shelf-stable veg into one of these hanging fruit baskets. They're super easy to install, just crew into your ceiling and get hanging!


Buy a tea dispenser

Are you one of those people who likes to have multiple boxes of tea in the cabinet? It's time to get rid of those clunky boxes and use a tea dispenser like this one from Amazon.


Get a corner shelf for cookware

This corner shelf is made for cookware which tends to take up a lot of space in most kitchens. Keep your cookware handy and on display!


Get a kitchen cart

This kitchen cart is a must-have multi-purpose piece that you can use as a prep space, as well as storage. Hang utensils on the hooks and sore cookware on the bottom!


Use a cutting board holder

This cutting board holder is great for organizing your boards, cookie sheets and cooling racks. Grab one on Amazon!


Install wine rack drawers

Are you the type of person that has a crazy amount of wines? You need this wine drawer insert! This is a great thing to install into a cupboard that you don't use very much.


Get this mini can shelf

Keep your cans in order with this handy can rack from Amazon. You'll be surprised how much space you can save when you stack your cans on top of each other.

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