11 Things That Every 90's Kid Did On The First Day Of School

The first day of school is upon us and what better time to look back on what school was like for us 90's kids. Can you say, "gel pens"?

Jocelyn Rovers
Created by Jocelyn Rovers
On Dec 10, 2019
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Waking up to the sweet sound of your clock radio

You weren't considered a 90's kid unless you had a full-functioning clock radio. It's a radio...AND a clock. Whoo whoo! You shot out of bed on the the first day of school probably to the sound of "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies.


Eating a hearty bowl of sugar cereal

It wasn't the first day of school unless you had a heaping bowl of the sugariest cereal you can find. We're talking Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Cookie Crisp! Oh, and don't forget a tall glass of Sunny D!


Neatly arranged your school supplies in your pencil case

Nothing was more satisfying than carefully placing your new school supplies in your pencil case. We had all the coolest supplies...gel pens, feather pens, mead notebooks and spacemakers and if you didn't have this stuff...you were considered a lame-o!


Meticulously picking out the perfect outfit

You're gonna remember the first day of school for the rest of your life so making a statement is crucial! Your go-to outfit would consist of jelly sandals, over-sized sweaters, bandanas and mini skirts. You totally laid it out on your bed the night before!


Playing 7-up.

If you don't know what 7-up is...you aren't a 90's kid and no...we don't mean the drink. The teacher would turn off the lights and we'd all guess who tapped each other on the head. Sounds weird, but it was oddly relaxing...


Sharpening your pencil with an old-school sharpener

It's the first day of school and your pencil is dull as all heck. Everyone made at least one trip to this monster to sharpen their HB pencil to a shiny, pointy tip. It's way more fun than those electric sharpeners, though they would often leave your pencil in shreds...


Passing the first note of the year

Texting wasn't a thing back then, we relied on notes to send messages during class. The first day of school was always a hot day for passing notes, we haven't seen each other all summer and now's our chance to catch up!


Eating your lunch from a novelty lunchbox

Everyone ate their inaugural lunch from some sort of novelty lunchbox. They usually had a Disney or cartoon character on it with a matching thermos. Everything was kept perfectly protected in your funky box!


Demanding your mom give you raw Mr. Noodles as a snack

People ate instant noodles raw in the 90's. Yup...and you were considered the most popular in the class if you had a bag of this coveted snack. You would demand your mom would pack you some on the first day of school. How else will you make friends?


Checking who had your textbook before you

The first thing you did when you got your new textbooks was to check who had it the previous year. Sometimes you found out that your crush had your textbook before you. You slept with it that night.


Getting hypnotized by this screensaver

You already spent most of your summer playing computer games and Nintendo and now you're back at it in the computer lab. This screensaver was on every computer and it made you go a little cuckoo in the head...

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