Scientists Have Actually Found Out Why Cheaters Are Cheaters

"Once a cheater - always a cheater" may now be a fact backed up by hard-science.

J. Dalvy
Created by J. Dalvy
On Nov 16, 2015

AsapSCIENCE's latest video reveals DNA evidence as to why some of us humans are more likely to cheat than others. The numbers are actually quite shocking:

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Biology and history tell us that humans are a monogamous species - meaning that we prefer to choose one mate (and stick with them) for life. This gives us many advantages when raising offspring and securing the survival of our species - something that Tinder is trying REALLY hard to ruin.


It turns out that dopamine (also known as the "happy hormone") is a huge factor within the DNA of cheaters. Individuals possessing a "long alelle" variant of dopamine strands are 50% more likely to cheat. You read that right - fifty percent. Time to whip out those DNA tests, married couples.

Seems that this same "long strand" also makes a person more likely to partake in risque behavior. Science now tells us that tell-tale signs of a cheater may be an addictive personality (such as alcoholics) and tendencies to be outgoing and/or a risk-taker.


"Vasopressin" also plays a major role, being the hormone responsible for trust, social bonding, and empathy. Start swabbing all the potential mates in your life - if they're low on Vaso you might want to move on - or update your dating profile because something is clearly not working.

You mean DNA is responsible for my trust issues, too??


The BIGGEST factor, however, turns out to be money (of course). Statistics have nailed both "stay at home dads" and males who earn significantly more than their female partners both as high-cheater-risks. Only when two individuals are bringing in about the same amount of money does the likelihood of cheating go waaaay down.

Thanks as usual, money, for ruining everything....


The video is, however, quick to point out that the study leaves out same-sex couples for the most part, so the findings only apply to heterosexual couples (a male and female) as of now. Either way, if two of your friends break up tomorrow - you can more than likely thank this video and a DNA test.