The 3 Day Rule Is Now Obsolete - Here Are The Unwritten Rules Of Texting and Dating

Gone are the days of waiting three days to "call someone" after exchanging numbers. Nowadays, contact often happens that very night in the form of a text. Here are the new dating rules when it comes to texting:

Jasmine Park
Created by Jasmine Park
On Jul 19, 2017

Mind your grammar

We've become incredibly lazy with texting especially with auto-correct on our side. If you want to be taken seriously by the guy you're texting, make him believe that you at least passed the 5th grade.


Wait awhile before responding

Science has actually proven that when we wait awhile before responding to a text, the receiver ends up appreciating it more. You know what they say; absence makes the heart grow fonder.


But not too long

An hour or so is fine, but if you're purposely not responding for 12+ hours consistently, he might assume that you either already have a boyfriend or are trying to get rid of him.


Apologize when you take over 24 hours to respond

Texting is not the same as email because it comes in on your phone which is on you for most of the day. It's super unlikely that you didn't look at your messages at least once over a 24 hour period so when you DO respond, apologize for being MIA.


Don't sext before you've actually hooked up

Everyone knows that things get exponentially more awkward when you sext without really knowing each other well. Expectations get too high and you might feel pressured to do things you don't really want to do when have that first hookup sesh. Sexting is fun, but trust me, you'll regret it if you do it too soon.


Keep it short and succinct

Texting is meant to be used for making plans and quick conversations. It is NOT a chance to unload your life story. Keep it short and sweet, otherwise you might come off as "too needy".


Never text more than he does

When you look at your text convo, you should have about as many texts as he does. Don't be too eager. If he texts you, text him back. Never send more than 2 at a time.


Don't overuse emojis

Emojis tend to stress guys out more than being fun. They're not exactly sure what you meant by smiley face, cactus, martini glass, stop sign. They'd rather you just use your words in a direct, straight forward manner.


Don't over think it

Let your true personality come out in your texts. Try not to sit there for hours thinking of the perfect thing to say, let it come naturally and your text game will always be strong.