10 Things Only The Biggest Fans Noticed About The Big Bang Theory


Jack Jersey
Created by Jack Jersey
On Feb 22, 2016

The actors all learned to play the instruments that their characters play, so that really is Jim Parsons playing the Theremin.

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That isn't so hard to believe, right?


Penny has never been given a last name.

Executive producer Steve Molaro said that the show will never give her a last name. But what if she needs to sign for a package?


Penny has never been given a new purse.

A last name is one thing, but come on Steve, give the girl a new purse.


Penny's least favorite word is "moist."

Her favorite word is probably her last name.


The color of Sheldon's t-shirt might give a clue to how he's feeling.

There's a theory that the shirts are linked to the Emotional Spectrum put forth by the Green Lantern franchise (where rage is red, greed is orange, fear is yellow, willpower is green, hope is blue, compassion is indigo and love is pink).


Leonard's glasses? They're just frames.

He's got an IQ of 173. He doesn't need real glasses to prove he's smart.


Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler's glasses are real.

Just like Mayim's PhD in neuroscience.


Kunal Nayyar is not Kumail Nanjiani .

Although it's become a running not-so funny joke that the Silicon Valley actor gets mistaken for Kunal quite a bit.


The best word ever is Bazinga!

Just ask the Euglossa Bazinga, an orchid bee named after Sheldon's famous catchphrase.


It all started with a Big Bang.

But Autotrophs don't drool, of course.