Engagement rings

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Engagement rings

Engagement rings

Engagement rings

The advantages and disadvantages of thin 3 carat engagement ring

The fine jewelry is more fashionable than ever, and engagement rings fine diamond also.

Women prefer the more subtle jewelry, although this does not apply to the diamond, which can be large and striking. The smaller diamonds look bigger when they are set in a thin ring.

This is a good option for men with a limited budget. And although it is a great advantage of the fine engagement rings , also this type of rings have their disadvantages, and we will discover them below. 

What is a fine engagement ring?

Before clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of fine engagement rings, it is important to know what their main characteristics are. The standard width of an engagement ring is 2.5 mm. The fine models vary between 1.5 and 2.5 mm. But fine rings are particularly sensitive. So it is recommended to choose a noble metal . Both platinum and yellow, white or red gold are good choices, but silver is not recommended.

Thin Diamond Engagement Rings are more comfortable to use. Less weight also means that less precious metal is needed to make the ring, which of course affects the price. And with that extra budget you can invest more in the diamond (s). However, a smaller diamond is not a problem. Due to the thin ring, the diamond looks much larger than it really is. In addition, fine engagement rings are suitable for those who have thin fingers.

The thin rings are more delicate. So they must be handled very carefully. It is better not to take them on vacation and leave them safe in the safe. Also, each time the precious metal is polished, the ring will be weaker. And although they remain precious in thin fingers , they do not favor so much in long fingers.

we are specialized in engagement rings , from fine models to the most extravagant rings, intended for all types of women.

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