Learn from here how to resolve Paper Jam Issue in HP Printer

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Learn from here how to resolve Paper Jam Issue in HP Printer

The most volatile errors while using an HP printer is the Paper jam issue. There is no precise but innumerable reason behind the paper-jam in your printer, although all lead you to same consequence that is the inability to print. So, with the help of below mentioned methods, you can eliminate this issue from the root. For any urgent assistance for resolving this issue, you can call at HP Printer Support Number anytime from anywhere.
Look at the below mentioned methods to prevent or resolve the paper jam and it’s contradict effects.
Clean the paper tray:

  • Firstly you need to check the paper tray for any extra or stuck loose paper.
  • Now, tap on the Resume button to start.
  • If there are a number of papers stuck in the tray, then remove them one-by-one starting from the mid portion.
  • Eliminate all the bits and pieces of paper from the tray.

Clear the Rear side of the printer:
If the paper tray is all clean, then try cleaning the rear side of your printer. Simply go to the back side of the printer and then open the rear access as well as two-sided accessories.
Open the rear access panel for cleaning:

  • Unlock the knob or the access panel to open the rear access of your printer.
  • Simply pull out the panel and then take out the traces of jammed papers.
  • Try clearing the leftover pieces of paper.
  • After complete cleaning close the rear panel cautiously.

Learn how to clean the two-access printing accessory:

  • Click on both of the release buttons in simultaneous fashion to open the two-access printer
  • After removing the panel carefully, clear the jammed paper neatly.
  • Look for other trash too and clean it thoroughly using a soft panel
  • After doing so, place the module back to its place
  • Perform the same action with the second module too, simply by pushing the top button

Even after trying above mentioned steps, if you are not able to resolve paper jam issue, then you should try removing paper jam from the front panel. But, before trying this method, you need to make sure that this method should be done at the last moment when nothing is working. For this, you can also take assistance from experts by making contact with them. To get connected with a professional, you need to dial HP Support Number straight away.
Note: Try not to pull the paper towards the reverse direction of the printing, as this can cause harm to the rollers to your HP printer.
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