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LCD TV Mount Guide Online

Have you just purchase a new Plasma, LCD, or Led TV? Are you currently wondering how you can hang the television properly? Where must i put the TV? Would you mount it to some wall or over the hearth? Plasma and lcd TVs could be mounted in a number of places with respect to the size the area and also the room dynamics.

We've divided our guide in to the various rooms you might consider placing your TV. We consider some questions you might have when mounting your plasma or lcd. Mounting a TV install South Florida ought to be left to some professional installer or perhaps an electrician. You will need to take into consideration the position of audio-video equipment and also the proper setup for the video and audio cables. Tip: Most electricians are capable of doing fundamental wiring for power and audio-video equipment.

Universal Mounts Versus Custom Mounts

It's suggested that you simply purchase a custom mount, if your model can be obtained, for the Plasma or LCD. Why a custom mount? It's certain to fit the television whereas universal mounts only fit 90% of times. The custom option also helps make the side and back from the TV less cluttered than the usual universal mount.

Think About The Studs

Lcd and plasma screens tend to be heavy you have to make certain you've wall studs or perhaps a ceiling joist if you are planning to hold the television in the ceiling. For those who have normal (16" spacing) wood studs most mounts works correctly. You can definitely, you've 24" spacing you will have to take a look at mounts which have a lateral shift adjustment. Hardware kits can be found or incorporated for installations involving wood studs, metal, cinder blocks, and solid concrete.

Family Area, Bed Room, Or Basement

Most LCD or Plasma TVs are mounted inside a family area for recreational viewing. Within this situation screen sizes are usually 37" or over. Where would you like to mount the lcd tv?

Over the Hearth Mounting the television over a hearth is a great choice for utilizing space inside your family area. However, we'd only recommend this method if you can to sit down a minimum of 10 ft from the TV. You should think about purchasing a "tilt mount", this allows you to adjust/tilt the television towards the best viewing position.

Inside a Corner In the current homes many family rooms are full of home windows and also have limited surfaces. Within this situation, we advise mounting the television inside a corner from the room and employ a swing arm mount to regulate the viewing position. After that you can mount the television in a custom viewing height and swivel the television towards the best viewing position.

On Opposing Wall Within this situation use a static mount or tilt mount. If you are considering mounting the television greater than eye level then you need to make use of a 'tilt mount' so that you can adjust the viewing position. If you are planning to mount the television at eye level, than use a 'static mount'. You can simulate the mounted tv by utilizing string or masking tape on your wall after which choose which plasma or lcd mount to make use of.

Desktop Mount Without having enough surfaces, corner space, or perhaps a hearth you'd think about using desktop mount. Many consumer Plasma's and LCD's have a desktop mount. Desktop mounts are put on the top of entertainment furniture and supply a fundamental mounting option. Most commercial plasma's don't incorporate a desktop mount, within this situation you will have to purchase a desktop mount along with a furniture piece to put the plasma or LCD.

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