7 Loading Dock Safety Rules You Need to Follow

Ashley Syrys
Created by Ashley Syrys
On Mar 26, 2019
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7 Loading Dock Safety Rules You Need to Follow

Loading docks pose a number of threats to workers and are responsible for thousands of injuries every year. According to studies, close to 25% of the warehouse injuries occur at loading docks, and many are near misses. However, these incidents can be avoided or significantly reduced if a few loading dock safety rules are followed.

If you own a warehouse or work at loading docks, here are a few safety tips should always follow to prevent any mishap:

1. Mark floors with yellow tape to identify where walking is safe:
one of the common hazards that happen at loading bay is workers being hit by forklifts or any other heavy equipment. However, this can be avoided if you clearly mark the floor to let workers know where it’s safe to walk.

2. Use visual dock communication:
if you can incorporate traditional red/green or stop/go “traffic lights” signals to let vehicle drivers know when to enter and when it’s time to stop, it would be perfect. By doing so, you can help provide an effective way to communicate with drivers on site and ensure that no accidents take place.

3. Use innovative locking devices on every truck entering the loading dock:
many locking dock safety devices for trucks are available these days, ensuring that the trailer will not be separated from the dock accidentally. Separation of the trailer is a major reason for accidents at loading docks.

4. Clean dock area regularly:
Well, slipping or tripping due to water, oil spillage, or broken pieces left on the floor is another common occurrence. By cleaning the area on a regular basis, you can decrease the number of slips, falls, and trips.

5. Consider putting padding on sharp corners on the loading dock:
During the shipment of products from the truck into the warehouse, injuries from uncovered sharp edges can happen. If you can cover these sharp edges with some padding, you can easily prevent injuries.

6. Demand proper documentation for handling heavy machinery:
Allow only OSHA trained and certified employees to operate heavy machinery at the loading dock. By doing so, not only will you make sure that everybody is safe, but you also abide by the law.

7. Order that all workers follow loading dock safety rules:
Ensure that all workers are aware of risks, hazards, and best practices needed to incorporate at the loading docks. If they need a short course where they can learn the right protocols and guidelines, take no time to provide them.

In a nutshell
Whether you work at loading docks or own one, make sure you follow loading dock safety rules to avoid any accidents and improve your practice.

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