How to increase your Instagram views

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On Feb 20, 2019
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How to increase your Instagram views

We all post on Instagram to ensure that our customers and friends get to view our posts. With 13 percent of the world’s population using the Instagram application, Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms to build a brand and market the products. In 2016 Instagram introduced Instagram stories where people can easily check, who and who has not viewed their stories. Instagram stories, enabled people to share their stories and moments with the followers and other Instagram followers. Small businesses and corporates have been using this feature to really interact with the customers and hear their feedback. Some use the organic ways of getting views and others use Instagram auto Views tools to get more views
The number of Instagram views really matters as it helps companies and people to know the audience that the product or post has reached. Getting more views depends on the following

The consistency of posting:
If you want to improve your online presence, post more frequently to increase the number of people viewing your posts and therefore more followers.

Post at the right time
One way of ensuring that you get a high number of Instagram views is posting at the right time. Instagram users should study their Instagram followers and know when they are most active and when they are not.

Use of poll and rating stickers
Using polls and rating stickers when making a story, helps the followers to be more attached to your posts and always checking them out when you post a new post.

Clarity of the brand
When posting a story you should be very specific on who is your target market. This should be a continuous thing and consistently posting on a certain product or activity to enable to attract individuals with specific interests

Vary your Instagram stories.
Monotonous is always boring, therefore sticking to only one way of posting your stories may turn off your followers. It is advisable to post different post each and every time using either photos, texts, gif, and even videos.

Using SEO to optimize your account.
Having the knowledge of what your clients want, you can use that information to rank your account on the top searched by using the right keywords on your description, when posting a photo or when adding a story. This will help you to be on top on the explore page depending on your field of work. While ranked on top then having numerous numbers of views will not be a challenge.

Buying Instagram views
Some of the people do not approve this way of getting more views, but this is one of the best ways to get more views with little or no effort. 5000 instagram followers  help in increasing the number of views on a post and thus exposing the product to a larger audience of people. There are various companies that provide the service with the aim of ensuring you get the maximum number of views on your post.
The Instagram auto views provided are 100 percent legit and safe to use. Most of the users used are real. The more views you get on Instagram the more likely you are going to get more followers.
Not everybody can follow the organic methods of getting more followers and get more followers; therefore the solution to get more followers if the organic method did not work out is the use of Instagram auto views