The Only Cosy and Cool Mattress for You

How do you feel during summer nights when the nights are usually so hot and sometimes you feel uneasy and cannot withstand the hotness? Well, the feeling is usually so bad. Do you wake up sweaty throughout the middle of the night? Or does your sleeping partner feel like radiating heat throughout the entire time? The truth is that some people are just naturally hot sleepers when it comes to it. Here is some good news; you don’t need to worry anymore because the only has the solutions to your problem.

The basics of the only cool mattress for you
The Beyond Basics pad differs from the standard Outlast Mattress Pad in the outer fabric which is a 350 thread count material constructed of 50% cotton and 50% Outlast viscose material giving you and additional boost of Outlast temperature regulating technology in the outer fabric as well as the inner filling. The standard Outlast mattress pad has a 300 thread count, 100% cotton outer fabric and does not come in colors.
Temperature regulating technology in the outer fabric as well as the inner filling. The standard Outlast mattress pad has a 300 thread count, 100% cotton outer fabric and does not come in colors.
The basic pad on the basically gives you a cool sleep which results to healthy sleeping. The pads are the most important basics of the cooling mattress because they are the ones responsible for making cool.
The density of the only cool mattress you need:

  • 2 inches (thin)
  • 3 inches (medium)
  • 4 inches (thick)

Definitely a 2 inch thick topper would have the least in its thickness and merely provides a little added comfort and features of having a memory gel on your mattress.
A 3 inch thick or the topper with a medium thickness is most popular mattress topper. It is because the topper has the ability to provide extra soft surface and support to the neck and backbone by contouring according to the body curves.
A 4 inches thick mattress topper is one of the luxurious toppers choices and has the ability to provide you all the benefits of a high quality memory foam mattress. This one can completely adjust according to the body shape and weight and would lift up the body parts that need support.
The constituents of the only cool mattress you need:
Pillow Top or Tight Top?
The support section of the mattress, if made of springs, needs to be covered to provide a level of comfort. A separate pillow top allows different combinations of materials to be used to provide different feels and comfort levels – from very plush to ultra firm.
Where there is no pillow top, the mattress is referred to as a tight top, with the comfort components placed on top of the spring section, within the casing. 
This is a non-allergenic, non-animal fiber-fill that looks and feels like cotton wool. Dacron is used almost exclusively on the most superficial layers of beds, specifically to give ‘body’ to the quilting on the surface of the mattress. The thicker the Dacron fill, the more plush the mattress will feel.
Dacron flattens over time, but since it has no support function, it will not affect the function of your mattress.
Polyurethane Foams
Low density, rapid response soft foams are used in both the quilting of mattresses and are also often used as the main comfort component of standard mattresses.
Price for cooling mattresses
 In terms of pricing, the Cocoon Chill ranges from $549 for a twin to $1,149 for a king. Next is purple. It ranges from $699 for a twin XL to $1,299 for a king. Pricing for Layla is also very affordable; you can get it at $100 right now.