Best Shape Kraft Pillow Boxes For Birthday Gifts

Debra Apple
Created By Debra Apple
On Dec 17, 2018
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Best Shape Kraft Pillow Boxes For Birthday Gifts

Its that time of the year when you start packing your gifts for those loved ones. Whether it is this holiday time of the year or just any time for casual gifts, these favors need to be packaged well and beautifully. There are many different types of gift packaging required for special gifts on special times of the year and other social factors. Your gift packaging boxes need to make these look beautiful and yet perfect for the gift occasion they are needed for as well. Some of the many different Kraft Pillow Boxes you will need for various gift packaging are:

•  Small Pillow Boxes for individual gifts
•  Correctly themed and designed Christmas gift pillow boxes
•  Large Kraft pillow gift boxes for large or packs of gifts
•  Wrapped Kraft boxes for birthday, anniversaries and other social gifts
•  Halloween special gift boxes with supportive designs and colors

Kraft boxes will naturally come in their customary brown color. Black Pillow Boxes can be achieved with these Kraft materials with high quality gift-wraps. Similarly, White Pillow Boxes can also be very useful for certain gift packs. The perfect pillow style design of these gift boxes make them great for any fancy gift packs. Their Kraft brown colors can either be highlighted or wrapped with colorful and beautiful wraps to provide a unique look. 

Here are few most useful shapes, designs and styles of pillow boxes made from Kraft that are friendly for nature and gift recipients as well:

Simple But Powerful Kraft Pillow Boxes

When you are ready to embrace the color of Kraft, which is often a shade of brown, you can create a powerful gift box. Not only will this box be a perfectly protective and durable option but with a powerful eco-friendly packaging design at the same time. This is something that we need to consider very strongly. To use materials that don’t hurt our environment and its natural resources should be the first priority. Starting with your perfect Kraft Pillow Boxes for gift packs is a great first step indeed.

Small Pillow Boxes with Ribbons

Who doesn’t appreciate a gift pack made beautiful with ribbons right! When you have your perfect pillow style boxes, they can be made much more beautiful and gift suitable with ribbons. Some purposefully made pillow style gift boxes have ribbons printed on them. If not, you can also go with actually tying up a beautiful and colorful ribbon on their surfaces. When you pick up ribbons in the right colors that go well with the brown of your Kraft gift boxes, gifts should look great indeed. These ribbons can be wrapped around the boxes in any suitable design or style as well. Match these with the color of prints or writings on your box Small Kraft Boxes and your perfect gift packaging is ready.

Solid Color Pillow Gift Boxes with Printed Knots

This one is pretty similar to ribbon designs but with only their printed knots instead. When you go with Black Pillow Boxes made from Kraft materials and finished with solid black wraps, the solid color can provide you a great base to work with. For your own color preference, you can actually pick up any color for your boxes. White Pillow Boxes can also work with red printed knots for gift packaging. Even bright colors can have contrasting printed knots and look great for a gift box. The whole shape of this Kraft gift box will look unique presenting your gifts elegantly. 

Pillow Boxes with Metallic Text Printing

Pillow Boxes with Metallic Text Printing
Metallic printing is something that can provide any box a great design. Gift boxes finished in pillow shapes can use a bit of metallic printing to look great as well. Any custom emotional messages or even business logos (for business gifts) can be finished with a few different metallic finish options, including:

•  Gold, silver or any other suitable color foil stamping
•  Embossing and debossing with right metallic colored designs
•  Simple raised ink printing finished with metallic colors

Any of these combinations you choose with Kraft boxes wrapped or stickered with plain solid colored paper will look great. 

Large Pillow Boxes for Gift Packs

Depending on the nature of occasion or your actual gifts that you might have selected for the loved ones, size of packaging will vary. If you have picked large sized gifts or more than one items as gifts, large pillow boxes made from Kraft materials can be useful. For your single large gifts, basic large Kraft boxes can be adequate. But, when you have more than one gift to be packed in one box, you would need large boxes that have smaller sections in them. Kraft materials like other cardstock ones are easily process-able offering advanced designing features. When finished in the right way, these can provide all benefits that you need from them.

Pillow Boxes Shaped Like a Gift

The natural shape of beautiful pillow boxes makes them look like an actual gift on their own. These are not squares or rectangles but with subtle curves along their sides making them look unique. With the right kind of colors and printed designs, these can make your gift make a strong statement. Looking already like a gift box, Kraft Pillow Boxes are your perfect gift packaging option. If you get White Pillow Boxes or any other simple solid colored ones, you can even write any of your custom messages on them.

Christmas Gifts with Pillow Boxes

Christmas is right around the corner and what better time to start packaging your gifts right! The real feel of Christmas is boosted with a beautiful gift for every loved one. Kraft pillow style gift boxes can be wrapped in proper Christmassy wrapping paper and be used as perfect gift packaging. These are available in any sizes, designs and shapes that work for any kinds of gifts. For fragile gifts, you can even get custom inserts for them to add safety while keeping the environment healthier as well.

Velvet Soft and Mushy Pillow Boxes

For people who appreciate bit of soft velvet design, soft and mushy velvet topped boxes with fabric or plastic inserts can be a great option. Kraft Pillow Boxes can always be topped on their surface with soft velvet fabric. This can give them the required velvety soft touch finish and their availability in any sizes can make them perfect for any gift packaging.