Bill Abernathy Explores Life On Latest Album, "Crossing Willow Creek"

A review of the Kansas City singer-songwriter's latest album.

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On Oct 10, 2019
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Don't call it a comeback

Bill Abernathy is not a newcomer in the world of music. In fact, he’s just making a comeback.
Everyone loves a good story about second-chances, and that’s exactly what Bill Abernathy’s story is all about. The Kansas City, Missouri resident began writing songs in his early teens. He played all through his school years, but then he stopped as life took over.

Bill went about getting married, building a business career, and raising his children. 
After his kids graduated from school and started their careers, Bill picked up the guitar again and began trying to rekindle his love of music. This returning passion to create music is exactly what led to the birth of 'Crossing Willow Creek’.

Bill Abernathy "Crossing Willow Creek"

Well-developed and Personal

The album itself is extremely well developed and personal on so many levels. Every track on the album tells a story of it’s own, but that’s not all. What makes the record a true piece of art is the fact that while all the songs tell their own story, they also combine together to narrate a beautiful, uplifting story which says that how no matter how far you stray away from your real path, you’ll always find your way back.

Throughout the album, the idea of exploring life’s aspects and coming back to your core is reinforced, and that is what makes it so exceptional. It’s a true to life record, and encapsulates the audience right from the first track ‘Can’t go back’ (which is a truly remarkable opening tune) all the way to ‘Icarus’ which closes the album on an enriching and uplifting note about hope. 

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Bill Abernathy "Can't Go Back"

The start of something great

The album, in all of it’s raw beauty and essence, offers a very rewarding and fulfilling experience to the listeners, as it delivers a reflection of so many aspects of Bill’s life, and helps his listeners grow even closer to him. The album contains immense potential and is sure to capture the hearts of many. It instils among the audience a feeling of hope, and powers the desire to keep moving forward.

Crossing Willow Creek sets the foundation for a very solid career comeback and is sure to introduce Bill in an even better light. The album allows both Bill and his listeners to embark on an empowering journey of self discovery and is sure to help Bill secure and maintain his position on the charts. It is, in all simplicity, truly a start to something great.

 - Caroline Ruth

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