How to Fix HP Support Assistant not working issue?

Maria Carter
Created by Maria Carter
On Jun 21, 2019
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How to Fix HP Support Assistant not working issue?

The HP support assistant is a computer optimization and performance improvement tool. It is quite handy when it comes to improve the overall performance of a PC. The best thing about HP Support Assistant is its capability to automatically update the drivers and firmware. However, like any other technical utility software, the HP support assistant is also prone to issues and errors. These issues often create a lot of annoyance for its users.
In any case, if your HP support assistant not working appropriately then you should get it fixed right away to keep your computer to its max out performance always. Here, we will discuss numerous HP support assistant error and issues along with their proper solution. So, follow the below mentioned points carefully.

Reasons why HP Support Assistant in unable to work properly

  • HP Support Assistant not opening properly.
  • Unable to update the HP Support Assistant or can’t download as well as install updates through HP Support Assistant.
  • Showing exclamation mark on HP Support Assistant icon
  • Error: HPSF.exe occurs and program has stopped working
  • Unable to uninstall HP Support Assistant
  • It is stuck with "gathering information" messages.
  • Unexpectedly opening of HP Support Assistant.
  • Disruption in games, movies or TV due to HP Support Assistant.
  • It may be blocked by windows firewall or installed antivirus software.

Look at the measures to fix HP Support Assistant issues:
Not able to open HP Support Assistant

  • If HP support assistant is not opening properly, then you should follow the given steps:
  • Press window+ R keys in order to open run.
  • In the run window, type "RSTRUI.EXE" and hit enter
  • By doing so, the Restore system files and settings windows will open. Simply click on "Next".
  • In the Date and Time Column, choose the date when HP support assistant opened properly.
  • Tap on next and then click on finish to confirm your restore point date.
  • Now, the HP support assistant will open appropriately.

Can’t update HP Support Assistant

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that you are well-connected over a fast and smooth internet connection.
  • Temporarily disable your antirust and firewall settings as they might be blocking HP Support Assistant updates.

Unable to Uninstall HP support assistant

  • Go to control panel of your computer and select uninstall or change a program.
  • From the list of installed program, select HP Support assistant and click on uninstall button.
  • Click on yes to give permission to remove it.  
  • After uninstalling HP support assistant, restart your PC once.

We hope the above mentioned procedures will help you to resolve HP Printer Support not properly working issue. In case the problem continues then it is healthier for you to contact experts for further assistance.
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