Rachanaa Jain Has Connections in Hollywood

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Rachanaa Jain Has Connections in Hollywood

Born in a middle-class household, Rachanaa barely had any connections in Bollywood, let alone Hollywood. Life has, however, something different planned for everyone. Rachanaa’s story is unique. She was supposed to complete her Masters and maybe start supporting her father in his property business, or get a decent paying job for herself. Instead, Rachanaa became a renowned figure in Hollywood, an award-winning entrepreneur, a popular model, an intriguing author, and an icon to look up to for the young girls in India and across the globe.

Reaching for the limelight
After her father got into a property scam, making ends meet for her house was more than difficult. Being the eldest of her siblings, she took on the task of assisting her family by using her exquisite dancing and painting skills to teach others. The business did quite well for her. One of the moves that changed Rachanaa’s life to the entirety was her move to go to the UK to complete her Masters in Financial Management.
During her studies, Rachaana Jain got a chance to take part in a beauty contest. This was her gateway to her life in the limelight. After a while, she got approached to represent the UK in the “Asia International Pageant” at Hengdian Studios, Shanghai, China. Rachanaa has since been invited on several television and radio interviews including on Zee TV, Olive TV, MATV, Doordarshan, BBC Essex, Lyca Radio, America Star Radio, and many more.

Authoring the art
After her success as a beauty pageant, Rachanaa decided to put her writing skills to test by publishing a book under her name. She has authored two books to date namely “Awake Your Dreams, Stop Procrastinating”, and “Sovereign: 8 steps to Winning a Pageant”. Both of these books have gained great reception by a vast audience.

Meeting Hollywood Celebrities
Over the years, Rachanaa has made strong connections in Hollywood. She has met people like John Travolta, Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, 50 Cents, and many more. This sort of Hollywood network is nothing less than a massive achievement for the girl who started off at rock bottom in a struggling home. She was always an optimist who would give it their all to reach milestones in life. Rachanaa helped her entire family get stable after she moved to the UK.

A distinguished character
One of the things that distinguish her from many other people in Hollywood is her humble nature. Despite having such prominent links in Hollywood and achieving so much in her life in such a short span, she still is the young girl at heart she was back in India. Rachanaa has fixed a certain percentage of her amount that is to be given out for charity with each paycheck she receives. She has been featured in various local and global platforms like Asian Wolrd, Wow Magazine, Women Empowered, Author House, and others, etc.
Today, Rachanaa Jain has founded a Reiki Federation where she coaches the dancing art, she is an author of two successful publications, a renowned Hollywood celebrity, a famous beauty pageant, a recipient of several prizes, and so much more.

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