How to Find Bedroom Furniture That Will Fit Your Space

Small bedrooms present unique decorating challenges. Yet, you can create a bedroom that is small in size but big on space. How? All you need to do is get a suitable bedroom set, be smart about how you arrange it, and use color and light to expand the visual space.

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How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

Are you ready to begin decorating a tiny bedroom? Before you consider the rest of the space, you need to choose the furniture that will fit. Then, you can decide how you’ll arrange it in your bedroom.

Get the Right Furniture

The choice of bedroom set pieces is critical. Each piece of furniture in your bedroom needs to serve at least one important function – more if possible. Here are some tips for buying a set that makes your room look larger.

  • Choose light-colored wood or white.
  • Don’t be afraid to choose a bed with a little height, like a poster bed, to lift the gaze upward.
  • Consider a daybed for a child’s room or guest room.
  • Think of multi-use pieces, like a bed with drawers underneath.
  • Select a platform bed with no headboard for a more open look.

Arranging Your Bedroom

When you go to the bedroom set store, look at each set with an eye to how you will arrange it in your small room. It helps to take photos of the bedroom with you to make sure you remember its layout in detail. Keep these bedroom arrangement tips in mind.

  • Bed placement in small bedroom comes first.
  • Put the bed against the window to save wall space for other things.
  • Place the bed against the wall to create more floor space.
  • Make sure you place the bed so there’s room beside it for the nightstand.

How to Make a Small Bedroom Room Look Bigger

Using your bedroom space efficiently is important. Now, go a step further to create the illusion of even more space. Using color and lighting, you can eliminate that cramped feeling you might get in other small bedrooms.

Tricks with Color

Color has a powerful impact in any situation. In a small room, it can make all the difference between feeling claustrophobic and feeling relaxed and pleasant. Try these suggestions for using color to increase the visual space in your tiny room.

  • Use as much white as you like.
  • Choose a monochromatic color theme so that the eye sees it as one large thing rather than a dozen smaller ones crowding the space.
  • Paint or paper in wide stripes to make your room look wider.
  • Put up tall window treatments to make your room look taller.
  • Choose deep colors if you like the feeling of being tucked away in a cozy nest.
  • Make one wall different to avoid the boxed-in look. You can put wallpaper only on that one wall, paint it a different color, or put up paneling on that section only.

Light It Up

Light, whether it’s natural light, artificial light, or reflected light, gives your room a feeling of openness. You can use light in various ways but remember that you may need space for your light source, too. Here are some tips for increasing the light efficiently.

  • Choose a dresser with a mirror.
  • Make an entire mirrored wall or put mirrors on the closet door.
  • Mount lighting on the wall to eliminate the need for furniture to hold up table lamps.
  • Use decorative light fixtures to make it look more like a “real” room.
  • Use light-colored sheer curtains under window treatments. Then, just open up the drapes and let in natural light during the day.

Get Help Setting Up the Bedroom

Setting up a small bedroom can be tricky. Although the furniture pieces may all fit beautifully once they’re in the room, getting to that point can be frustrating. Some people choose furniture that they have to assemble. That makes getting it into the room easier, but furniture you have to put together yourself often lacks quality and durability.

The best solution, offered by stores like 1StopBedrooms, is the free in-home setup to place and position your bedroom set for the small bedroom. The people from the furniture store bring in the furniture for you. They’re careful to avoid damaging the finish even when they have to fit it into a tight space. Tell them where you want each piece to go, but if you’re stumped about how to fit in something, ask them for suggestions.

Don’t think of your small bedroom as a liability. It’s actually a good thing because it gives you a chance to learn new decorating tips and use your imagination. Fill your small room with pieces that play up its strengths and minimize its disadvantages. Then, enjoy the challenge of making that cozy room look as spacious as possible!

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