8 Most Beloved LGBT characters of your childhood

Pride month is already here, and it feels like the perfect time to recall our favorite LGBTQ+ characters from the movies and TV shows of our childhood. Starting with Mr. Ratburn all the way to Rosa Diaz, vote for your favorite ones!

Roy Behrendt
Created by Roy Behrendt
On Jun 12, 2019
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Mr. Ratburn

We were so happy to watch Arthur's legendary teacher getting married to his special someone after all these years! Except the fact that a wedding is always fun, Mr. Ratburn and Patrick deliver such an important message to millions of the show's fans around the world.



We thought we couldn't love Hogwarts's principal more than we already have, until J.K. Rowling announced last March that he was having a homosexual relationship with Grindelwald, the dark wizard!


Aunt Patty

There's no doubt that Patty from The Simpsons is one of the coolest aunties on the screen, but what we loved the most about her being a lesbian is the moment she came out to her sister, Marge: "Did you actually think I was straight?!".



Not only we've followed eagerly Danny's complex and exciting relationships during Teen Wolf, he is also one of the show's nicest and most beloved characters!


Taylor's Two Moms

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Bob was clearly a bit shocked to see a lesbian couple after answering the door to Charlie's friend, Taylor ("Taylor has two moms!!!"), and this is exactly the kind of scenes that makes Good Luck Charlie so funny, bizarre and memorable.



Patrick is definitely one of the reasons for us to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower again and again and again. We can't take our eyes off the screen when we see the adorable Ezra Miller deals with heartbreak and other complicated situations in such a unique way.


Rosa Diaz

Coming out as bisexual in season 5, automatically made Rosa Diaz and Brooklyn Nine-Nine even more thrilling. With all the respect to the plot and the rest of the characters, we can't wait to find more juicy details about Rosa's personal life.



As one of the main characters of Glee, we loved watching Kurt on our TV screen for so many seasons. Do you also feel that it's time for a grand Glee comeback?

Who's your favorite LGBT character?

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