Ten good resolutions to be happy in love

Single or as a couple, there is bound to be something you would like to change or improve in your love life. So why not take advantage of the entry into this new year to take matters into your own hands?

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Every day, I advise men and women to help them behave better, communicate better, and find love: this is how the Florence Method works. So, here are some tips to help you succeed in your love life in the near future.

Five good love resolutions for single men

This year will be yours! I hope so, anyway. To put the odds on your side, I have listed for you the five resolutions to adapt to find the right person and keep it!


Do not look for "true love" but "good love"

To look for "love, the true" is to risk to plunge into a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration as soon as one discovers the faults of one's partner. This one, at first crisp by all its small imperfections, suddenly appears less and less desirable as soon as one realizes that it is not "ideal."

Do not be fooled by this illusion: in the euphoria of the first moments, we refuse to see the imperfections of the other. To adopt the idea of a "good enough" love is not to remain nostalgic for the first moments of the relationship, it is also not to rush to the break by looking for another person with whom things will happen in the same way!

Tell yourself that beyond the magic of dating, finding love, and keeping it requires construction work. He is there, true love.


Cultivate the trifecta: emotion, humor, and game

Believe it or not, these are the three most essential elements for creating an emotional bond. Admittedly, physical and sexual attraction is essential at first. But once consumed, sex loses its power of attraction between two beings. While sharing your emotions, sharing moments of laughter and activities, brings us out of our defensive shells, to be in the real, in the true, and unveil us in moments at once intense and straightforward.


Do not disperse

To dredge too much, to make too many consecutive meetings, all this is rather a way to deviate from love than to try to live it. By making a maximum of meetings, like a flight forward, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to find the right partner. Why? Because we wear ourselves in short meetings sometimes heavy with hope. Because, without knowing it, we invest more seduction and its challenges to get away from the deep and built bonds finally.

We rarely make the deliberate choice of meetings without tomorrow or short stories; we fall in without knowing it.

Take a step back, break the rhythm of your meetings, which will allow you to appreciate them better.


Do not wait anymore

Often, one or more unfortunate experiences in love have mistreated our confidence and self-esteem. So, we put ourselves on the reserve, to avoid the fear of failure or suffering.

Know that you are not destined to repeat the same mistakes, or to experience the same failures. Do you know that to meet people, you have to know how to love yourself, to be an actor and active in your love life!


Not being too available is more desirable

If the sharing of emotions creates the bond, the lack creates the attraction. To let the other feel your absence, not to show you too stuffy, is to make sure that she looks forward to your moments of meeting.

If, on the contrary, you always show yourself available, you do not allow him to feel the effect of lack, and thus realize the attraction you exert on it.

Five good love resolutions for men in a relationship

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11 Signs Your Love Will Last a Lifetime

Enough about singles, gentlemen! It is not because we are in a relationship that we must rest on our laurels. To avoid routine and enjoy this love, it is necessary to maintain the flame. And this also goes through 5 good resolutions!


Consider the couple as a living space

The experience of life as a couple is to take the rails of construction in the face of the unexpected and disillusionment. The life of two allows us to reveal ourselves to ourselves, forcing us to rework our vision of things.

The "we two" is a space of constant reworkings of our personal stories. A rework that is done by each other and with each other. As a result, "both of us" is a source of enrichment and personal fulfillment. It also requires a mutual and constant effort of adjustment and agreement.


Daring the sexual fantasy

The communication around our sexual fantasies participates in the emergence of desire and its maintenance. Before and beyond love, seduction within the couple is the responsibility of our imaginations. The erotic game, the communication, and the sharing around our desires of sensuality are desirable assets to any sexuality of the couple. So do not hesitate!


Being present by his acts

"If it was enough that we love each other..." says the song: faced with the events of the couple, each partner is responsible for the success of the couple, and must be present in its evolution. A presence of attention, curiosity, and compromise. A presence that marks and signifies to others our sensitivity to their thoughts, feelings, and concerns.


Staying in love and accomplices

Love, to emerge and exist, does not need reciprocity, that is to say, that one can be in love with a person without sharing that love. Life with two, on the contrary, requires exchange and sharing. Take care of your relationship of complicity and openness to the loved one.


Facing crises

Believe the other, belief in the other, it is the base of the couple. Often, in the life of two, each invests the other and the couple with total and absolute trust. But come crises, more or less intense moments of doubt, inevitable.

If you face this type of situation, know how to communicate and be lucid: once exceeded by two, these moments of crisis will certainly be a factor of longevity and improvement of the link that unites you!

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