8 Things You Might Not Know About Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow

Pokemon is still alive and kicking with the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. With that, let's look back at the three original Generation 1 games on the Game Boy with some facts you might not be aware of.

You Can Fight Professor Oak

Professor Oak, other wise known as the Pokemon Professor, although he apparently needs pre-teens to do his very dangerous doctoral level research for him, is the person that kicks off this whole series.

But what many players don't know is that there is a way to take on the professor in battle in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow by taking advantage of a glitch in the game.

You see, originally you were actually able to battle Professor Oak before the devs cut it from the game, which is a shame. Still, you can access the fight via a Game Shark device, or by exploiting the game. If you want to try this out for yourself you can do so by reading the steps (here).

You can check out a video of the fight below:

youtube embed goes here!

Drowzee & His Five Fingers

The original Pokemon mages have a few sprite errors that most people know about (*koffing*), but some people aren't aware that Drowzee's sprite is also wrong in the games.

The Pokemon is supposed to have only three fingers (see above), but instead he sports a very human-like five fingers. He's also sometimes in a very grabby pose which just makes everything feel a little creepy.

Buff Pokemon For The US

Pokemon were originally going to come to the United States in a slightly different style. Back in the early days of Nintendo and their games, they would often make changes for Western audiences.

Pokemon was going to be no different as the developers wanted to make the Pokemon more muscly to better relate to American kids and their love of action moves and the like. Nintendo was afraid that the Japanese Pokemon designs were too cute for Western kids, and that they'd pass on the game.

They pointed to the toy market of the time which was ruled by muscle-bound characters, with no real cute characters taking off with the young boy demo. It's probably for the best that we avoided and steroid inspired Pikachu. We have Deviant Art and Tumble for that.

The Old Drunk

There is a man in Virdian City that's sprawled out on the road blocking your path. He says something about needing his coffee and is there to force the player to finish some game specific tasks before you can pass.

You probably never gave it a second thought as a kid, but in the original Japanese version of the game he asks for coffee not because its early in the morning, but because he needs it to sober up.

The Lost Trainer Class

There is data in the original games that show a missing class of trainer was left out of the final product. This trainer know as "Chief" is actually still mentioned in the game by s Team Rocket grunt in Celadon City.

What's interesting is that this trainer's Japanese translation is Silph's Chief, which lend credence to the idea that this trainer was supposed to be the President of Silph Co.

As with Professor Oak, you can still access the code to this trainer and battle them in game. It's just a sprite of a scientist and had no dialogue, but you can still take him on.


Slowbro is an interesting Pokemon for a couple of reasons. The most striking for this Generation 1 Pokemon is that it's the only one with the ability to de-evolve back into its previous state.

It's entire evolution is simply strange, even in the world of Pokemon. Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro when a Shelder, another Pokemon, bites down on his tail while fishing for food.

The biology of how the Shelder survives in this sort of human centipede situation is beyond us, but because he's just biting down on the Slowbro's tail, Shelder can be knocked off or just let go.

The Worthless Move

Generation 1 was loved by kids around the world, but because it was the first, it came with the most glitches in the series. One such glitch has to do with the move "Focus Energy" move and what it does.

Most kids realized that using this moved did nothing because, well, it actually did nothing. Okay, so it actually did something, but it was the opposite of what it was supposed to do.

In every other generation the move it should double your chance for a critical, but in the original game it divided it. This means the move does nothing in terms of the games mechanics. Even as children everyone knew this move was to be avoided.

Surfing Pikachu

Pokemon Yellow was a special edition of Red and Blue that gave you Pikachu as your starter Pokemon as to better match the anime show that was on at the time. Pikachu would, just as in the show, follow the player through the game, something all future Pokemon games would show.

But what many people may have missed is that you could access a surfing mini-game in Pokemon Yellow. If you taught "Surf" to Pikachu in the Pokemon stadium you could unlock a mini-game in the process.

After learning the move, you could talk to the "Surfing Dude" that hangs out at the beach house on Route 19 and play the Pikachu Sufring mini-game. Cowabunga!

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