5 Really Weird Video Game Controllers You Might Not Knew Existed


Gamester FPS Master Controller

I learned about the Gamester FPS Master Controller while on vacation in Texas a few years back. A few of us went out game hunting and my buddy there would not stop raving about this thing with no knowledge of its name, all while I called bullshit on the insanity of the idea and suggesting it all a fever dream he once had.

Low and behold, he was right and the FPS Master is very real and very weird. This is a controller that comes with two pistol-like grips for what they claim is TWICE THE FIREPOWER! Meant to be paired up with Halo, the controller was really riding the wave of first-person shooters catching hold on consoles.

It's meant to be held like you are dual-wielding pistols but because of how close your hands are it just look and feels like you're about to receive communion. The bumpers are now pistol triggers with buttons hidden on the sides and features a LCD screen on the front, sort of how the Dreamcast does with its VMU.

But what really set the FPS Master apart was the ability to pre-program the buttons and triggers to whatever you want and save those pre-sets to the internal memory. You can have three setups saved for whatever FPS you are playing. This still isn't even a common thing today with controllers.

In an age where custom controllers are all the rage, the FPS Master was pretty ahead of its time. These things are still floating around online so getting one shouldn't be too hard and could warrant popping Halo 1 and 2 back into that massive OG Xbox. Well, it would if the triggers to these things didn't have the innate ability to snap, rendering the controller useless.

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Final Fantasy X-2 Tiny Bee Controller

The Final Fantasy X-2 Tiny Bee Controller is utterly ridiculous and will probably get your shot by the police depending on where you are seen playing. Still, after seeing this thing you've probably already opened up a new tab to search Ebay for a pair. Let me save you the trouble and... oh my. That's more than a used Xbox One and PS4 combined.

The X-2 Tiny Bee Controller takes all the functions of the classic Dual Shock 2 and maps them across these replicas of Yuna's Tiny Bee guns. You can pew, pew your way through the game and the triggers on each gun let you copy Yuna while in action if that's your cup of tea.

You're on your own with your clothing choices as there is no dress sphere controller yet. And since these little beauties aren't light guns you can, in theory, use them in other games. Play Charlie's Angels with Yuna's guns, play Antz Extreme Racing with Yun'as guns, or try Shadow the Hedgehog in the costume your mom made you for Halloween and show the world how much of an edge lord you really are!

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Densha De Go Train Game Controller

Every list like this always tosses up the Steel Battalion controller for the Xbox even though by now even your video game hating mom knows all about it after selling it at a yard sale without telling you, alongside your first-run Ninja Turtle figures and Ghostbusters Fire House. Sorry, sorry, anyways the Densha De Go train game controller is a big hunk of plastic for your Wii.

This Taito controller looks fntastic thanks to that clean white styling that Nintendo loved with the Wii. You get two levers and all the required button on the dash along with a display that reads out your speed details. This sllick controller is only compatible with a single game, but if you're into trains this one is for you.

Train simulation games aren't all that big outside of Japan where a train delayed by a minute makes national news, so it's no wonder we never got this one. If you really want one you can still pick this one up for around $150 and it's also available on PS2 with a much blander color scheme.

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Intel Wireless Game Pad

PCs and game controllers have a messy history. Messy like that couple that always keeps getting back together and breaking up in an endless cycle of madness that you can set your watch by. Thankfully, we've cut the BS thanks to consoles using USB and bluetooth, but back in the day you could walk down the an isle at CompUSA and be forgiven for thinking you walked into a porn shop.

The Intel Wireless Game Pad look like a dual headed vibrator, or, if we're being PG, one of those neck pillows you see people buy before getting on a flight home so they can unload on their mother who sold off all your childhood memories. Anyways, the Intel Wireless Game Pad is about a rare today as the chances of me ever finding another mint condition Ghostbusters Fire House.

Just look at this thing and tell me if it doesn't look like the weirdest thing to have on your lap when someone comes in. This pre-Windows XP device worked fine but I just never understood PC gamepad makers and their refusal to try and make controllers that looked and functioned like their console counterparts. At least now you'll be able to play all those crappy ValuSoft games in style.

Videos of the Intel Wireless Game Pad don't exist (shocking, I know), so here's a funny picture of a fake Lara Croft PS2 controller where her boobs are the thumb sticks.


Dance Dance Revolution Hand Controller

Have you ever wanted to play DDR at home but didn't want to mess about with all that moving around and dancing, well, the folks at Konami have you covered with the Dance Dance Revolution Hand Controller. That's right, you can enjoy all the dancing action with only your fingers from the comfort of the couch.

The Dance Dance Revolution Hand Controller takes two dance pads and shrinks them down on a single game pad. While the idea is pretty silly, the controller does have a unique look and predated the massive following that PC DDR knockoffs gained a few years ago along with videos of teens punching their walls. That'll show all those ones and zeros!

This official Konami product works on PS1 and PS2 and I can only imagine that some people have managed to get this working on PC via some adapter. I'd personally love to see someone beat Dark Souls using this controller because that's apparently what we do to show off gaming skill in 2018.

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And that's our list. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and had a bit of fun learning about some of the weird controllers that exist our there. There are lots more out there so stay tuned for another list sometime in the future!

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