10 Things That Totally Look Like Jesus

He works in mysterious ways!

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On Feb 1, 2019
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Marmite Cap

Marmite is gross, so the idea of Jesus making his presence known on the lid of a bottle of the stuff actually makes sense. Only people that need Jesus would force themselves to eat Marmite!


Inside Kit-Kat Bar

Sometimes Jesus needs a break, and when he takes one he does so inside a Kit-Kat bar. Who would have figured that Jesus was a big fan of the wafer?


Side Of Chinese Restaurant

We are always craving some take-out, and always seem to fight about the best place to get some. It seems Jesus has already spoken about the best as his visage appeared on the side of one in the UK.


A Dogs Butt

It's common knowledge that Jesus loves all the creatures of the earth. So it makes sense that he'd make that known in some form. Not sure why he choose a dogs butt-hole, but he works in mysterious ways.


Wood Shavings

Considering his dad was a carpenter, it only makes sense Jesus would know his way around wood-working tools. Just make sure to watch your mouth when you hammer your thumb as he's always watching.


Sweet Potato Fry

Jesus was all about living that healthy life, so seeing him on a sweet potato fry sort of works. But instead of his face he decided to take the form of himself on the cross.


On A Pierogi

We don't know about this one as it looks more like an evil skull than our friend Jesus. What's more troubling is that this pierogi was sold to a casino for almost $2,000. Jesus would not approve!


Bathroom Wall

We all know that Jesus is always watching, but we don't often like to think of that when doing our business in the bathroom. Maybe he's trying to tell someone that it's time to clean that gross bathroom!


On Dead Stingray

There must be a real story behind this dead stingray with the face of Jesus on his back. What was he doing under the sea? Was he spreading the gospel to the fishes? And who did him in?


On Toast

There seems to be no end to Jesus being seen on toast. We don't know why this is, but the heat combining with soft bread may sometimes open up a portal to heaven. Probably. Maybe.

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