Manager Candidate Jobs: Why You are Networking Wrong

A career in managing change can act as an attractive move. Despite long hours, the work is rewarding and well paid. The ultimate purpose of the management of change is to engage and encourage a workforce a new approach to doing their jobs through either technological change, downsizing and reshaping organizational hierarchies.

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The process of managing change will only be deemed a success if this change is useful and implemented effectively. Change management jobs vary in nature. This article provides clear instructions on how to find the right change management career for you.

Ninety-nine out of every one hundred management candidates are networking incorrectly. When most candidates start networking the focus is on them. What they are able to do, what they have learned, and what they want.

Mentoring is common among restaurant candidates and in the restaurant industry. To network successfully it is vital that you understand the fundamental of networking – “you want something and nothing in this life is free.”

Once you learn this then you will be on your way to networking successfully.

Knowledge Is Expensive

There are two ways to gain knowledge, pay for it with money, pay for it with time. Either way, knowledge is an expensive commodity. The best way to gain knowledge is to combine both, take courses and earn experience.

However, most people go about earning experience the wrong way. You don’t just walk up to a manager and say that you want to become a management candidate and you want to be mentored. If you try this way then you will end up running for coffee and sweeping floors.

The best way is to get involved in networking groups, local business groups, and local charities. The more proactive you are the more attractive you are to a potential mentor. 

Mentoring is About Giving 

No one will mentor you if they must give more time or effort than they can afford to lose. You must have something valuable that you can do for them, which will make their job easier.

You must also be someone they can take to work with them who won’t embarrass them.

Before approaching a possible mentor there are a few things that you need to know.

  1. Know what you can quickly and efficiently do for a manager. Be clear. Be concise. Be honest.
  2. Know what the manager needs. If a restaurant has a fundraiser or charity event every July 25 then approach them in February and ask if you can assist in that event.
  3. Do not bother mangers when they are stressed. Asking a manager to help with their redesign because you need to learn how to redesign a restaurant is not a good idea. Asking a manager if you can learn how to do paperwork, or daily management tasks while the manager is redesigning a restaurant is good.

Loose The Attitude

Trying to act like a big shot is the quickest way to close doors in the hospitality industry. The hospitality needs empathetic, helpful managers who want to see other people succeed.

That is – they want to invest in the lives of the people under them. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have time to mentor other managers.

It doesn’t really matter to managers what your university scores were, or how many years of experience you have. If they mentor you then you are representing them , and you need to be able to do the job well, or you won’t succeed. 

Network in the Right Circles

If you like where you live and want to ‘find jobs near me’ or find local jobs then you want to work for a local restaurant, not a nation wide hotel chain. If you are looking for restaurants hiring, or hotels hiring and you don’t care where they are then you will want to work with the best mentors even if they are in a different industry.

Just remember that your reputation is your currency. In the hospitality industry, especially local jobs, a bad reputation among managers (who are the ones who hire) can spell career death. 

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