How To Create Stunning Content Without A Designer

These Playbuzz elements can enable you to easily customize your content!

Benny Blanco
Created by Benny Blanco
On Feb 28, 2018
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What if I don't have a designer?

The way your content looks is just as important as what your content is saying. Without a customized design or look that matches the topic of your content to keep your readers interested and engaged, your story, no matter how interesting or important, may not be heard.

The good news is that you don't need a professional designer when creating with Playbuzz. All of our tools enables you to create customized content that will keep your readers engaged and interacting with your content even without the help of a design studio.

Check out our top 4 ways to create customized content without a design team!



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How do I create from a custom template?

Already know what kind of article you want to create? Such as a breaking news story, a movie review, a recipe, or maybe an interview? If so, choose from one of our existing templates that give you an easy, ready-made layout with design touches that will match the type of article you're creating!

To create using one of our templates, click on the purple "Create" button at the top right corner of the homepage, then click "Story". Now, once in the Playbuzz Editor, immediately beneath "Let's get started!", click on "start from a template".


Image Editor

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What can I do to my images?

Once you've chosen an image from Getty, uploaded one from your computer or using a link from the web, you can add finishing design touches to your images to match the content of your article.

For example:

  • Customized text on your image (with choice of font and background color)
  • Customized crop
  • Emojis
  • Stickers
  • Paint

In addition to these tools, you can also blur your image so that your readers must click on it to reveal the image. This is first and foremost a way to build suspense and make your content more interactive, but it's also a design touch that makes your content look and feel more interesting!

See below...

Find or upload the image you want:

Choose how you want to customize your image:


Customized Text

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Why customize my text? And how do I do it?

Customizing the text of your article is a great way to make whatever you're writing about look more interesting and attractive. It's a sure fire way to spice up a block of text that may otherwise leave your readers skimming over something important you're trying to get across! It also enables you to make design touches that better align the look of your text to the topic of your article.

You can:

  • Drop down letter to start your text (see above)
  • Highlight important parts of your text
  • Italicize, bold, or underline important words
  • Strikethrough
  • List anything with bullet and numbered points
  • Go crazy with emojis
  • Hyperlink to relevant sites


Instant, customized video from scratch

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Why create a customized video?

Utilizing and maximizing the potential of video in your content is essential to creating articles people will actually want to read and share.

With Playbuzz you can easily and quickly create a video uniquely customized to match your content, without the bells and whistles of a professional design studio. With more design options than ever before, Playbuzz Video gives you the option to customize the content of your video on a whole new level, including color scheme, layout, font, background music, transition slides and much more.

To learn more about creating a Playbuzz video, click here!

Remember, you're in control!

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Yes! Really!

Every storytelling element on Playbuzz gives you customized design options, enabling you to tweak even some of the smallest of details of your content to match your content! No matter which element you're creating with, look for settings or options to change the text, color, style or feel of how your content appears!

To learn more about all of our storytelling elements, click here.