How Do I Overcome Writer's Block With Playbuzz?

Benny Blanco
Created by Benny Blanco
On Jun 5, 2018
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Ready? There is NO such thing as writer's block.

That's right, you read it here! There's no such thing as writer's block.

Let us explain. In today's digital age with the immense wealth of information and content flooding our feeds, there's no lack of inspiration and no lack of something for you to write about.

Digital audiences, with their phones always in hand, are hungry to consume and interact with all kinds of content, at all hours of the day. In other words, there's ALWAYS something to write about and there's ALWAYS an audience to read it.

So how do I choose what to write about?

The key to overcoming "writers block" when creating digital content isn't about inspiring yourself to write or having something to write about, it's about knowing what kind of audience you're targeting, how to reach them, what interests them and how to create content that matches those interests, packaged in a way that they'll want to interact with - and that's where Playbuzz comes in!

The Playbuzz platform enables you to target and engage exactly the audiences you want to attract with elements that will transform your content and boost your engagement and share rates.

Check out our expert tips to make this happen!


Know Your Audience

Once you know the audience you're targeting, you'll know what kind of content they're hungry for. News junkies want breaking stories and the latest controversies, sports fans what game re-caps, niche fan bases want to prove how much they know and love their favorites, and so on and so forth.

Once you have this information, the internet knows no bounds. You'll have an endless pool of content to create with Playbuzz's creation elements to inform, entertain and engage your readers.



Maximize Playbuzz Elements To Engage Your Audience

Once you know who you're writing for and what kind of content experience they want, Playbuzz empowers you to tailor your content to your readers with 10 unique content experiences, or elements:

These elements enable you to engage your readers from different angles and in different ways, tailored specifically to how, where and why they're consuming your content.

For example, if you're targeting sports fans in general or fans of a specific team, Playbuzz enables you to create:

  • Engaging, visually rich game re-caps with quotes and inteviews
  • Interactive polls to ask fans about a game or player 
  • Interactive images that reveal a shocking or interesting play
  • Video compilations of best moments, biggest fails, best players, etc.
  • Trivia to test fans' knowledge
  • Personality quizzes to reveal something interesting about fans based on their favorite teams or players
  • And/or all of the above in one article!


Sometimes, Don't Write Anything

That's right. In the digital age, images are usually worth so much more than words. Sometimes, one GIF or a collection of visually stunning images can tell your story better than traditional text. This eliminates "writers block" altogether. Your readers will always be hungry for visual elements that they can quickly consume and interact with on the go or while engaging with their feeds on social media.

When creating with minimal text, check out these expert guides for working with images:

Writer's block, shmiter's block!

What are you waiting for? Now that you know these expert tips....

Get started creating awesome content right now!