6 Tips To Write Personality Quizzes That Will Boost Your Content's Peformance

Benny Blanco
Created By Benny Blanco
On Nov 22, 2017
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What's a Personality Quiz?

Personality Quizzes by Playbuzz enable you to create a highly personalized content experience for your readers in which they learn or prove something about themselves. By asking your audience questions and matching the answers to a set of final results, you create an interactive content experience thats based on a personal connection between your reader and their result.

Why add a Personality Quiz to your article?

Add a Personality Quiz to any article to create a content experience for your readers that's truly all about them. By doing this you shift the focus of your content onto your reader, causing them to feel a personal stake in what they're reading.
In other words, Quizzes give you the chance to reveal something interesting or surprising about each of your readers that will make them feel more strongly invested in your content. This means that an engaging Quiz is an ideal medium to communicate your message to your readers!

How can I take my Personality Quiz to the next level and boost its success?

Creating a Personality Quiz is easy. Check out how here.

Now, check out our top 6 Personality Quiz creation tips:

Make It Easy
Make It Easy
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Make your readers feel like your questions are straightforward and speak directly to them. Long-winded, complicated or "gotcha questions" will discourage your readers from sticking with your quiz until the final result.

When writing your quiz ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my questions short and sweet?

  • Do all of my questions have an "other" or "none of the above" answer in case none of the answers listed apply to some of my readers?

  • Do all of my questions have relatable answers that people will actually identify with?

  • Do I use images for answers to make my quiz more visual?

Visual-first Questions & Results
Visual-first Questions & Results
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The more visual your Personality Quiz is the stronger the connection will be between your content and your readers - and the more likely they'll be to share your quiz!

Instead of writing sentences or even a few word answers to each of your questions, use captivating images.

In your Quiz's final results, remember the the image at the end of your Quiz has an equal, if not greater, impact on your readers as the accompanying text! By giving your readers a final result that is a stunning and captivating visual, you drastically increase the connection your reader will feel to their result and, in turn, the more likely they'll be to share your Quiz with their friends.

Check out how stunning visuals are used in this quiz:

Create A Strong Emotional Connection

Pulling at the heart strings of your readers is a surefire way to make your Personality Quiz more engaging and increase its share rate. Because Personality Quizzes are all about building a personal connection between your content and your reader, it's a great idea to build your Personality Quiz around an emotional, nostalgic or sentimental topic.

For example:

  • A Personality Quiz about music, movies or pop culture from the past evoking nostalgia. E.g. Which 1980's Hit Is Your Anthem? Or, Are You A True 90's Kid?

A Strong Call To Action

Once your readers receive their result, don't just leave them hanging! Give them a strong Call To Action that will urge them to share their result, continue reading your article, or click through to a different page.

There are two ways to do this in your results:

  1. CTA in the result text

This is the place to ask your readers what they think about their result and
encourage them to share it with their friends.

  1. CTA just below the result text

This is the place to tell your readers to keep reading your article after
they've received their result.

See the two below:

Personality Quiz As Trivia

While Personality Quiz is perfect for open-ended questions that are about your readers' personal preferences, rather than right-or-wrong trivia questions, using Personality Quiz as a Trivia is a fantastic way to give your readers the opportunity to show-off or prove their knowledge about any topic.

Check out this Personality Quiz:

1 / 8

Choose the correct state capital of each of the following U.S. states.

Wondering how you can use a Personality Quiz for trivia, but also show the correct answers? See what a creator did here.

Combine Personality Quiz With Other Elements

Use your Personality Quiz as a key element to anchor your story around or as a nice add-on, rather than just as a stand-alone.

For example, if you were writing an article about travel, you could include the Personality Quiz we've already shown here and then follow it up with a poll! The combination of Personality Quiz with other Playbuzz elements (Poll in this case) is a great way to transform your quiz into more than just a one-off experience and weave it into a larger personalized and engaging content experience for your readers.

Check out the combination below:

Vote and compare your results to others!

Which nationality are you subconsciously?

South African

Ready to put these tips into action?

Start creating your very own stellar Personality Quiz here.