Who Let the Dogs Out? Identify These 8 Famous Fictional Dogs Correctly to Get a Treat

Get ready to fetch some fun facts.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Aug 15, 2023
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They call dogs a man’s best friend, and boy is this true. We would go a step ahead and include not just our real-life furry friends in this category but also some adorable fictional ones. From classic cartoons to modern TV shows, there are pups that have captured our hearts and become icons in pop culture. Are you ready to go on a tail-wagging adventure to test your knowledge of the coolest fictional dogs out there?

>> What Dog Breed Are You?

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In the movie ‘Marley & Me’, what breed of dog is Marley?

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Can you name the iconic beagle that loves to dance on the piano?

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Can you name the dog who is known for this famous catchphrase: ‘There's no need to fear, _______ is here!’?

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Can you name the dog that appeared in Sherlock Holmes’ ‘The Sign of the Four’ and followed scent trails?

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Can you name the dog who is the title character of a popular Disney movie about a stray dog searching for a forever home?

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Can you name the golden retriever that saves a young boy's life in ‘Homeward Bound’?

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In the movie ‘Beethoven,’ what breed of dog is Beethoven?

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What is the name of the dog in the TV series ‘Stranger Things’ that has psychic powers?

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