How Well Do You Remember 90’s Cartoons?

Which show is Susie Carmichael from? Jump into our EASY 90's cartoons quiz and show us what you got!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Mar 18, 2023
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Did you know the reason D.W. was always voiced by voice actors who identified as male was that D.W. was supposed to be a "rough and tumble little girl. She was a little brat" according to the voice director, Debra Toffan. We love all of the hardworking actors who have voiced her, each brought an element to D.W. we all know and enjoy! Which 90's cartoon is your favorite?

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What's the name of this character's show?

2 / 15

What show is this character from?

3 / 15

Where has Spongebob worked?

4 / 15

Who is this? Wrong answers only.

5 / 15

Sugar, ____, and everything nice." - what ingredient are we missing for our beloved Powerpuff Girls?

6 / 15

What are the names of these dragons from Dragon Tales?

7 / 15

What's the name of the school the kids go to in Recess?

8 / 15

What was the relationship between Cow and Chicken?

9 / 15

What was the name of the bus in Magic School Bus?

10 / 15

What was Arnold's last name?

11 / 15

Where did Courage live?

12 / 15

Who is this?

13 / 15

What colors were Ash's hat in the original 90's series?

14 / 15

What is the name of this show?

15 / 15

What kind of animal is Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life?

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Which cartoon of the three was your favorite?

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