Life Lessons We Still Remember From Badass Superhero Tony Stark

Robert Downey, Jr., in the character of Iron Man, Tony Stark, was brilliant on all fronts, from his charisma to his uber-cool gadgets, his never-say-die attitude, and his incredible success. The character might no longer exist in the Marvel universe but the life lessons we’ve got from this iconic superhero remain something we can all take on board.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Dec 7, 2021

Be Number 1

For Tony Stark, it’s all about being numero uno. Being second is just not an option. He knows he’s powerful and he acts that way, which means, he gets treated that way in turn. This is a great takeaway – to know your worth and fully believe that you are meant for greatness. 

Up Your Grooming Game

To do this, you don’t need Stark’s millions or impeccable wardrobe or even his incredible cars. What you need is to copy his attitude and his on-point grooming game. Stark is always superbly turned out and knows just how to stand out in his clothes in a way that has nothing to do with the brands or labels he wears. That polish doesn’t need money; it needs a sense of style with a heaping dose of self-esteem before anything else.

Own Your Charisma

Once you’ve got your style down, move on to owing your charisma, just like Stark. He’s a class act in body language, and how to work a room in a way that goes far beyond all his frills and flash. He does this by working with what he’s given than just what he acquired with his money.

Stay Cool

He acts playful and nonchalant often and has the best one-liners up his sleeves, but Stark knows how to keep his cool and not get rattled when it counts. This means he’s always a step ahead like when he had to fight an entire army alone with no back-up and gives terrorist soldiers a taste of their own medicine.

Be Big On Results

For Stark, it all comes down to getting results, and nothing is done by half measures to get them. He doesn’t hesitate or procrastinate; once he gets an idea, he delivers on it keeping the end goal in his line of vision at all times. He’s willing to take risks to win.

Roll With The Best

Stark knew to surround himself with people who had his back and from initially preferring to be the lone wolf, went on to realize that collaboration was everything. It’s not always about being a one-man army. It’s equally important to know when and how to work with others, and when to defer to the judgment of those who know more than you in a particular field or situation. Remember when he tried Hawkeye’s combat methods?

Change Your Course

When Needed

If you’re on the wrong path, be big enough to step back and correct it. Like when Stark took a stand to have his company stop manufacturing weapons when he realized they were falling into the wrong hands. 

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