Just How STRESSED Are You?

It’s time to test your stress.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Apr 14, 2023
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Stress. We certainly cannot escape it, and in small doses, it’s not even a bad thing. But when that feeling of being overwhelmed, constantly anxious, and living on the edge gets too much, you know you need to dial it back a bit. This quiz will tell you how stressed you are and will point you in the direction of some much-needed downtime. Of course, please remember that this quiz is no substitute for actual medical advice or professional help. So, go ahead, and see if you need to be on the path to a calm, chill life, stat.

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You’ve got an intense presentation coming up. You find yourself craving…

You’re in the best shape of your life…

At night, I sleep…

I take pauses in between my work…

You have a load of new deadlines piled on to you. You handle this by…

An unexpected problem crops up. You…

My digestion is…

How often do you feel tired?

Self-care, for me, is…

Have you ever had a tension headache?

Quite stressed

Quite stressed

Oh boy, you certainly have a lot on your plate, and the toll it’s taking is getting to you. You definitely need some downtime. Remember, at this rate, everything from your productivity to your health is going to suffer. See how you can reduce the load and factor in time to do something that lets you have fun and chill instead. Oh, and don’t forget to deep breathe.

A bit stressed

A bit stressed

You definitely are stressed, but for the most part, you seem to have it under control. Sure, there are times when you feel overwhelmed, and the stress gets to you, but you know how to handle it well. So, good on you, and remember to keep on taking those much-needed breaks.

Nicely balanced

Nicely balanced

You are in total control, and we applaud you! You know that stress is inevitable, and you also know just how to not let it get to you. This isn’t easy to do, but you’ve perfected the art of balance.

When do you get the most stressed?

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