How Well Do You Know Bridgerton’s Sharma Sisters?

See how much of an impact Bridgerton's Sharma sisters have made on you.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Apr 8, 2022
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Kate and Edwina Sharma had us smitten right from the time they popped up on our screen in this binge-worthy Netflix series and dazzled all through season 2. But dearest gentle reader, would you be able to score big on a quiz about them? Take it and see if your eye for details is on par with Lady Whistledown herself. 

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Kate Sharma’s father was…

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Kate and Edwina are:

3 / 14

How old is Kate on the show?

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Who said this: “I despise English tea”.

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Edwina is the ____ sister.

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What did Kate plan to do once she went back to India?

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Who are the Sharma sisters’ grandparents?

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To access the funds from the trust, Edwina must…

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Which sister is engaged to Anthony?

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Where did the Sharma sisters live before coming to England?

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On Edwina's wedding day, Kate gives her sister ___ that belonged to her mother.

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What is Kate's full name in the series that Anothony calls her in the last episode?

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What do the sisters call their father on the show?

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Of the two sisters, the role of protector belongs to?

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