Ten Times the Emory University Department of Chemistry was Better than Hogwarts

After all, chemistry is just alchemy that WORKS.

Emory Chemistry Communications
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On Jul 18, 2019
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When the Jui Group Perfected their Disappearing Act

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Now you see them...now you don't! (Except for Kelly. We hope she had an explanation ready.)


When We Replaced the Ribbon Cutting for Our New Chemistry Building with a Ribbon EXPLOSION

Thanks to wizard professor Doug Mulford, the opening of Atwood Hall in 2015 went off with a bang!


When Our Graduate Recruitment Weekend Dinner Glowed in the Dark

The food didn't glow, but the bars did!


When Anthony Casually Made Fire

Demos are better than magic--they're science!


Pretty Much Any Time We Use Actual LASERS to Do Stuff

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That's mild-mannered Brian Dyer low-key adjusting a laser beam!


When Khalid Went Surfing with a Nobel Laureate

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When Andrew Cloned Himself

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Although, honestly, more than one Andrew (@M_A_Hunny) was more than we could handle. He has since been re-merged.


When Hector and Arventh Defied Gravity After Passing their Quals

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They were up there for hours.


When the Heaven Group Helped Some Kids Escape the Laser Maze

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Who needs a Maurader's Map when you've got a Laser Maze??


And of course...any time we all dress up in our regalia!

Just like wizard robes...and they even come with funny hats!

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