The Story of the Winter and Bikes in Dubai

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On Dec 3, 2018
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Racing Bikes

Winter is coming. Not really to be honest, because we all know Dubai has only two weathers, hot and well, hotter but that does not get in the way of a true cycling enthusiast, does it? As the weather improves in Dubai, it’s time to put on your helmets and head out on your bikes and take advantage of this not-so-hot-weather. Don’t own one? No worries, here’s our guide to help you find your perfect ride.

Do you have a taste for speed and enjoy the occasional adrenaline rush? Do you enjoy the wind blowing past your face as you reach mind blowing speeds? Then this is the bike for you. With its alloy racing frame with Shimano Shifter, alloy brake lever, two-way control alloy brake, racing type alloy crank Shimano Freewheel, alloy pedal and Wanda 700cc tyre, the Mogoo Strider is a no brainer for those who just want to go as fast as possible.

Suspension Bikes

How about a bike that can tackle obstacles like no other all the while you don’t feel the discomfort of the road? A bike that absorbs bumps and allows you to ride smoothly, even through tough terrain? This is where Mogoo Matrix comes into play. With its dual suspensions and disk brakes, this bike is perfectly capable of shifting through its Shimano gears with ease, while ‘riding like the wind’. As the largest online bicycle store, we recommend this bike to anyone who enjoys off-roading more than anything or perhaps just enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, on-road and off-road.


Foldable Bikes

Fancy a bike that fits in the trunk of your car? No problem. Mogoo Fusion literally takes half the place a normal bike would. We understand probability can be a major concern for a lot of our customers so we aim to produce a bicycle with the same capabilities of a traditional bicycle and same level of comfort but at the same time something you are able to carry around with you with no problem. With Mogoo Fusion don’t let that inconvenience stop you anymore.

Freestyle Bikes

Maybe you just enjoy a little freestyle once in a while? A bike that can handle 360’s with incredible ease? Why not take the Mogoo Ski bike for a ride? It’s your perfect companion, no matter who you are, you will find one to match your style of fun. So hope on and relive your childhood dream and feel the rush.

Cruiser Bikes

Simply prefer old school? Something to cruise around in a park maybe? Mogoo Fiesta will take you back in time and bring back the good old days. With its unique design and character the Mogoo Fiesta stands out in the crowd and will most definitely turn heads. It is an analogue in a digital age, for those who believe in old is gold.

For the little ones

Feeling out of place? Mogoo offers a wide range of bicycles and other toys for our younger generation, staying true to our ultimate goal, putting a smile on all our customers, irrespective of age, with our wide range of products and incredible variety.
We at mogoo understand and believe in this enthusiasm and passion for bicycles. Our goal is to produce the perfect ride suitable for all our customers, from the little ones with training wheels to the enthusiasts with a taste for adrenaline. We aim to please our customers by providing a wide range of products with a variety of choices. Our commitment to churn out the best of bicycles is our identity in itself.

So what are you waiting for? Pop in our store or visit our website,, to choose your perfect ride right now.

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