Here Are Some Heroes That Could (Probably) Defeat Superman

Superman is often considered one of the most powerful superheroes in existence, but even the most powerful can still be beaten down. With that said, here is our complete list of Superheroes (or what we believe to be superheroes) that could defeat Superman.

Dov Niedzviecki
Created by Dov Niedzviecki
On Jun 16, 2021


He's Batman. It doesn't have to make any sense at all. Even with the little sense it makes though, there are multiple instances throughout the comics (and one disappointing movie) where Batman does in fact defeat superman. Batman is also rich though and we all know that money is power so maybe that's all he needs.

Doctor Manhattan

So Doctor Manhattan is essentially a god in terms of ability. Even with as powerful as superman is, it's still very plausible that he is unable to defeat someone who can control matter with his mind.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange just has it going on. I don't really understand what he does but I get the feeling he'll just transport Superman to a Kryptonite landfill or something. With full magic powers like Doctor Strange has, he can just continuously delay Superman until he has a working plan for victory.


We've seen it over and over again. Deadpool can't be killed or die. Superman uses his heat vision, Deadpool with just grow back from a pile of ash. Superman freeze breaths him, Deadpool will just wait it out and come back. The main thing here is that Superman is just going to eventually give up after he runs out of things to do.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is by far the most similar to Superman on this list in terms of pure power and ability. This seems like a fight made in heaven as we'd see these two heavy weights going back and forth until one finally falls.

Poison Ivey

So this one is a bit controversial (as if the others on this list aren't) but I genuinely believe Poison Ivey has a shot here. Her most powerful tool here is mind control and with that, there's always a channel to defeat your enemy, no matter how large the power discrepancy.


I don't really think Spiderman could defeat Superman in any way. Spidey has just been my favorite superhero since i was a kid so I had to include him in this list. He'd get completely demolished in every way. Maybe he can entertain Superman long enough to let him walk away with his quick wit and charm.

Doctor Who

Here we've come to the part of the list that aren't traditional superheroes. After watching more than a decades worth of Doctor Who, I just find it difficult to believe anyone can actually fully defeat him/her. Doctor Who would just casually go back in time to Krypton, grab enough kryptonite to get the job done and then just chuck it at Superman. Job done.

Road Runner

Ok, so here's the thought process. How could Superman possibly defeat someone who is impossible to catch? And on the flip side, Road Runner switches every single trap set for him onto Wile E.Coyete, which leads me to believe that whatever scheme Superman sets up, it will be turned on himself.

Michael Jordan

First, the only time MJ has faced of against aliens he dunked from half court and saved all the Looney Tunes. Second, Michael Jordan is incapable of loosing. It just doesn't happen. He's 6-0 in the finals for a reason. So yell at me all you want about him not having powers, I'm taking him over Superman everyday.


Dumbledore only loses when he wants too as we saw when Snape killed him. If he really needed to he could just Accio kryptonite and have a Superman Death weapon shoot right into his hand. I think this is a pretty straight forward fight.