Need Some Help With Vegan Cooking? Try Our Top Tips and Tricks

A lot of us hear the words "vegan cooking" and run away screaming. Well it's World Vegan Month and we want to help you run towards vegan food, not away from it. With that said, we're here to give you our top vegan cooking tips!

Dov Niedzviecki
Created by Dov Niedzviecki
On Nov 21, 2021


Yes, this feels obvious but not everyone knows how to properly take advantage of vegetables and make them as delicious as they can be! Our suggestion is to pick one vegetable a week that you're not 100% comfortable with and look up some recipes. You'll have an whole arsenal of tasty veggie dishes in no time!


Chickpeas are both delicious and a solid source of protein. You can use them in a whole variety of ways wether its a simple salad ingredient or blended up into hummus. They're super versatile and deserve a spot in your pantry!


Speaking of chickpeas, next time you crack open a can keep the liquid instead of pouring it down the drain! It's called aquafaba and can be whipped up into a delicious vegan meringue or even replace eggs as a whole in certain recipes!

Black Beans

Black Beans are basically a vegan superhero. You want a savoury burger? You can make yourself a pretty tasty black bean burger. You want some chocolaty bronwies that barely taste vegan? Go find yourself some black beans. You want a nice hardy soup? Black beans are here for you. Moral of the story is get yourself some black beans.


Cashews are one of the secrets to vegan cooking. Just soak them for a bit and these tasty treats can be turned into a plethora of different vegan cheeses from hard slicable cheese to cream cheese.They can even be turned into a cream for fettuccine alfredo!

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is more than just a vegan cooking tool, its a regular cooking hack as well. You can sprinkle it into soups for that umami punch or pour it over some popcorn for extra flavor. But what makes nutritional yeast such a good vegan ingredient is it's ability to substitute as parmesan cheese in any recipe. Its got the flavor and thickens dishes up in the exact same way!

Plant Based Milks

I personally love oat milk but soy and almond milk both work in place of regular milk in basically all cooking scenarios. To be honest, i'd just replace all my regular milk with oat milk at this point in my life, it tastes that good.

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