Let Us Know If You Agree With Our Top 10 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time

In celebration of World Television Day on November 21, we've created a list of our top 10 greatest television shows of all time. Now as with all lists of this nature, you're bound to have your own opinions, so let us know what you think!

Dov Niedzviecki
Created by Dov Niedzviecki
On Nov 14, 2021

The Sopranos

One could argue that The Sopranos kickstarted modern television, we may not have even seen shows like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones without The Sopranos breaking the mold first! Regardless of that, The Sopranos just happens to be one of the best acted and written shows we've ever seen.

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Breaking Bad

Although this show was incredible in every way, part of the reason it's so high on this list is because Walter threw a pizza on the roof of his house. Roof pizza aside, Breaking Bad also gave us probably the best anti-hero we've ever seen (except maybe Tony Soprano from 1 on this list).

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Game of Thrones

For the sake of this list, we will be ignoring the last season of this show for obvious reasons. We've all seen Game of Thrones, it feels like it took over the world for a solid 5 or so years. Now that's its done however, it's good to look back on what really was an amazing television show (again, aside from the last, really terrible season)

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The Wire

The biggest deep dive into a specific city TV has ever seen, you basically feel like a resident of Baltimore while watching The Wire. On top of that, no show have ever combined as many storylines and plots as well as The Wire did.


Band of Brothers

Right up there with any peice of World War 2 media ever created, Band of Brothers is a masterpeice of a show. The production and sets are second to none, combine that with some of the hardest hitting emotional scenes we've ever seen on the small screen and you got yourselves a top notch series.



Famously referred to as "the show about nothing", Seinfeld transformed the genre of comedy by taking previously taboo topics and making them relatable through laughter. It also put Jerry Seinfeld and writer Larry David on the map.

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Arrested Development

One of the most clever comdies to be on TV, Arrested Development really was unique. Entire jokes would play out in the background if you weren't paying attention, in addition to all the rediculous call backs and plot points already in front of your face. This is all without mentioning it has one of the best casts a comedy has seen to date.


Mad Men

Don Draper is just really cool and Mad Men deserved to be on this list just because of him. However, the witty scripts, well written characters and complete immersion into the 1960's are what makes it one of the top shows of all time.

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The West Wing

The West Wing wasn't the last show about a fictional presidency, but it was most definitly the best. Powerful perfomances and excellently written and delivered diologue really set The West Wing apart from other shows.


Saturday Night Live

SNL is just a classic show. While the quality of the show varies from cast to cast, it's still one of the most iconic shows on television and has been for some time. It's also helped jump start the careers of some of the most famous comedic actors from Eddie Murphy to Will Ferrel and so on. TV really wouldn't be the same without SNL.

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