6 Common Google Places Optimization Mistakes to Avoid

Vishal Vivek
Created by Vishal Vivek
On Dec 3, 2019
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6 Common Google Places Optimization Mistakes to Avoid

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6 Common Google Places Optimization Mistakes to Avoid

Google Places Optimization Services are important for any business to rule Google Search rankings, especially local SEO rankings. Google Places is a powerful and free tool from Google, allowing business to reach prospective clients with the right approach. There are a number of things that need to be taken care of before you enjoy a search engine ranking boost.

Unfortunately, several businesses fail to make the optimum use of Local SEO Services from Google and thus fall behind the competition. This mainly happens due to mistakes that diminish the original worth of the website to be identified by Google Search. So, here are 6 typical Google Places Optimization mistakes to avoid:
1.     Duplicate Listings - Having duplicate listings on Google My Business is a common mistake that negatively affects search engine rankings of businesses. Google considers catering duplicate content to users as a waste of their resources for analyzing and storing data, and of course, a shady practice. Moreover, creating more than one identical local listing is against the Google TOS. Therefore, every business location should have one and only one Google My Business profile page.

2.     Missing Relevant Categories - The categories section is an important field to be filled on Google My Business account for your business. In most cases, businesses simply overlook this category and pay the price in the form of reduced Google Search rankings. Categories section is like Yellow Pages. The more category sections you have, higher the chances of prospective clients finding your business.

3.     Inconsistent NAP Information Online - NAP, or Name, Address and Phone Number, is very important for allowing potential users and business partners to connect with you. Consistency in NAP is as important. Ensure that the NAP information on your website and on your Google My Business page is consistent. Why is NAP important? Because Google compares your contact information listed on your website with the information listed on other websites across the Internet. You can make use of free tools like the Moz Local Search tool to check consistency of your NAP.

4.     No Customer Reviews - Customer reviews are important to any business for allowing visitors know about your business from people that have been already served by you. Getting customer reviews, especially favorable ones, require some sincere effort. You might like to ask your clients and business partners to leave a review for letting potential clients rope in from their trust on your business. Neglecting customer reviews is a serious mistake, and should be avoided.

5.     Missing Contact Information - Ensure that full contact information is present on your Google My Business profile page. Several organizations simply rush over this step only to realize later that it was a serious mistake. Moreover, ensure that the contact information that you’ve added on your website is in the form of text and not image. This is because contact information in form of text is easy to be checked and verified by Google Search.

6.     Ignoring Social Media - Social media activity is one of the several important signals that Google Search makes use of for ranking businesses. Of course, social media activity doesn’t directly affect your rankings but combining it with apposite GMB Optimization Services will surely give your business a boost.
You might like to opt for an opportune GMB Optimization Services provider to help you overcome all the mistakes and enjoy higher Google Search rankings.
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