Top Black Friday Marketing Must Do's For 2015

Black Friday is right around the corner and your opportunity to profit from all your hard work. Talent Branded has assembled the top Black Friday Must Do's for 2015.

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Promote Early

Many people wait until a few days before Black Friday to start promoting. This is a bad idea. You want to start promoting what you are doing at least 15 to 30 days before Black Friday. One great marketing technique is to start months before, advertising special advanced sales to people who are on your email list. This is a double win because you are using Black Friday sales months before it actually happens, to grow your customer list. Also, many brands have better success not waiting until Black Friday morning to advertise specials. A lot of brands find success with email campaigns that are sent between 3PM to 8PM on Thanksgiving day. Getting this small jump start on promotions can make a big difference in your overall sales success.


Special Deals for Special Customers

Everyone loves new customers, but what about the people who have purchased from you all year long. These are the real VIP’s of your business and should be treated as such. Black Friday is a great time to reward your current customers with special sales items and additional discounts. We have had several clients provide special deals just to VIP customers before the general public has access. This rewards and encourages your day to day customers that have been loyal and are not just shopping with you one time a year just because of an unreal deal. One technique that we are using this year is to extend these discounts to the friends and families of the VIPS’ through special coupon codes that can be used a few times. This creates a word of mouth marketing on steroids. Nothing is better than loyal customers creating more loyal customers.


Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. Did I Say Mobile

According to Goldman Sachs, 535 million consumers across the globe made purchases via their mobile phone in 2014. In the U.S., 30% of all transactions now come from mobile devices. But more than just sales, 80% of consumers with a smartphone use their phone to research in store purchases. How mobile friendly is your website?


Show it in Video

The second largest search engine is YouTube. Video closes deals. And it’s something that can be used in blog posts, on the company’s website and in social media. It’s an opportunity to tell a story and share an experience. Do a series of videos of people getting your product as a gift. If the product isn’t easy to use, this is a chance to demonstrate usage.


Have A Detailed Content Calendar

Take some time before the busy season hits to write out what you want to say on social media. With advance notice, you can really figure out what you want to say and when. Plan in advance when you want to run your specials, when you email promotions will be sent and gather all the elements you need in advance.


Create Your Social Media Posts Early

Once you know what you want to say, write them out. Use one of the various programs to schedule those posts out. It’s one less thing to concern yourself with that you can accomplish without the immediate pressure of the holidays.


Thank People & Be Nice

This is the easiest marketing you can do and it costs you NOTHING, but it means everthing. Send personal emails to customers with large orders. Have water available in stores and extra seats for some of your older shoppers to rest while the younger ones shop is a simple and effective solution. Saying thank you and treating people with respect is FREE. The Holidays are filled with expectations and stress. Just taking a moment to say hello and thank you to a customer goes a long way. This can also be done with e-commerce sales. Having a simple chat program available for questions during the Black Friday rush or sending a brief email to a customer thanking them for purchasing rarely goes unnoticed.


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