Tell Us Your Favorite Beauty Trends & We'll Tell You Your Hidden Talent

These are all the latest beauty trends for 2023. Choose your favorites and we'll be able to tell you your hidden talent. Curious? Let's find out!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On May 19, 2023
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Could it be that you have both beauty and talent? Are you up to date with all of the latest makeup trends like the dewey complexion look, black smokey eyes, and stylish brows? We'll give you some makeup trends to choose from and the results will reveal your hidden talent!

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What type of facial complexion do you wear?

What type of blush do you wear?

Which eye trend would you adopt?

Which lip trend would you adopt?

What nail trend do you like most?

What is your favorite cheek trend?

Of the following three, which type of eyeshadow trend would you try out?

What type of brow trend do you like the most?

What hair trend is most your style?

What other beauty trend would you definitely follow?

Your hidden talent is: Acting!

Your hidden talent is: Acting!

You have a natural curiosity about people. You give the best impressions and are naturally charismatic. The stage is like your second home and you feel in your element in performance spaces. Transforming into different people and personalities is your forte and hidden talent.

Your hidden talent is: Writing!

Your hidden talent is: Writing!

You have a natural ability to write. Words just flow so easily from your pen and you have the most creative ideas! As soon as you put that pen to paper, it's like magic! You have the potential to be a best-selling author, a playwright, or a TV writer!

Your hidden talent is: Singing!

Your hidden talent is: Singing!

It's official, you have the voice of an angel. When you open your mouth, the resonance is like delicate glass and you shine brightly! You could be an opera singer, a recording artist, or perform in a Broadway show. You are super talented!

What trendy skin product do you use the most (or have you tried out before)?

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