Only Nerds Can Ace This International Geography Test

Are you gaga about geography? Do you know random cities, countries, and even lakes?! Well, maybe you will ace this geography quiz, give it a go!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On May 19, 2023
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Do you have a good sense of direction? Can you picture the world map in your head? If you can, you are most likely amazingly good at geography! We've put together geography questions of all levels, so let's see if you can pass this international geography test!

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Which city is Indonesian?

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What is this a map of?

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Which town is on a mountain?

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What is this a map of?

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What language do people of Lichtenstein speak?

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What country is this?

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Which country is Kauai Island part of?

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What country borders France?

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Which country would you like to visit most?

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