Can You Tell the Difference Between These Australian and Canadian Customs?

G’day mate! Could you survive one day in Canada or Australia? Let’s see!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Apr 23, 2023
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Canada and Australia are both common-wealth countries, but does that mean they have similar customs? Canada tends to be the more polite, reserved, liberal-minded country, while Australia is a more outgoing, dynamic, and conservative-minded country. Some of their customs are similar, but some are pretty different. Let’s test your knowledge and see if you could be an unofficial citizen of Canada or Australia?

>> Can You Guess Where These Cultural Customs Came From? <<

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Which country celebrates Muck Up Day?

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Drink Ceasars all summer.

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Hanging out at the cottage.

4 / 10

Maccas Run.

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Winter Carnavale.

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Christmas Seafood.

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Engaging in small talk with cab drivers.

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Beaver Tails.

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May 2-4.

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Which Australian dish would you eat?

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