Are You a Prankster, a Joker, or an Imitator?

What type of humor runs through you the most? Are you more apt to tell a joke? Prank your friends? Or Imitate other people? Take this quiz to find out!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Apr 29, 2023
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What type of comedy mastermind are you? Do you go for physical shtick like pranks? Or are you into wordplay and cleverness like jokesters? Maybe you're good at picking up on tones and dialects like an imitator. Whatever you think it will be, this test will give you the actual answer.

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What do bananas mean to you?

When someone tells you a joke, you:

You laugh hardest when:

What personality trait do you definitely have?

What are you like when you're alone (vs. around people).

What is the funniest animal to you?

What number is funniest to you?

Which classic comedy movie do you find funniest?

Which personality trait do you have?

What type of teacher would you be?

You are an Imitator!

You are an Imitator!

Everyone can always count on you to do funny and weirdly accurate imitations of celebrities and characters. You are also great at doing accents and can even fool some people for being from other countries.

You are a Jokester!

You are a Jokester!

You can't help but tell jokes wherever you go. You have a wide vocabulary of words and can string phrases together like nobody's business. You find the most mundane things funny and are always thinking of how to make people laugh. You're hilarious!

You are a Prankster!

You are a Prankster!

You have somewhat of an evil mastermind. Life can be so dull and you believe pranks are one the only ways to "shake" things up. You always have an ample supply of honey, duck feathers and whoopee cushions at the ready. No one is immune to your pranking genius, teachers, parents, you name it!

What kind of jokes do you like best?

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