Create Your Dream Grilled Cheese Sandwich & We'll Determine How Funny You Are

What type of funny are you?...joke-book funny, LOL funny, or stand-up comedian funny? Take this comprehensive grilled cheese sandwich quiz to find out, LOL!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Apr 9, 2023
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What do you do after a laugh attack, have a grilled cheese sandwich of course. Grilled cheese and jokes are more closely linked than you think. Build your own unique grilled cheese sandwich and we'll reveal what type of funny you are...are you joke-book funny, LOL funny, or stand-up comedian funny?

>> Are You Naturally Funny? <<

Which bread will you use to make your sandwich?

What do you use to cook the sandwich?

What do you use to fry the sandwich?

What kind of cheese do you use?

Processed or real cheese?

What else will you add to the sandwich?

What else sounds good?

Which sauce will you add to your sandwich?

How will you cut your sandwich?

What will you have on the side?

You are "joke-book" funny!

You are "joke-book" funny!

Not saying you aren't hilarious, because you most definitely are. You are very good at telling jokes and have memorized a small catalog of your favorite jokes, always ready to tell them to friends.

You are LOL funny!

You are LOL funny!

You are laugh out funny, meaning you might say something without thinking, and people will erupt in laughter around you. You don't even try to be funny, it just happens!

You are Stand-up comedian-level funny!

You are Stand-up comedian-level funny!

Wow, you are a very funny person. You think cleverly and can come back with witty remarks and comebacks almost instantly. You belong on stage saying all your funny musings into a microphone for other people to hear! Stand up comedy is in your future!

What is your favorite cheese compliment?

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