7 Green Flags to Look For While Online Dating

Can you identify green flags in your dates or your current relationship? Green flags can help you recognize whether you should go ahead with the match or not. Check these out!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On May 13, 2023
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Online dating can be treacherous at most. Meeting strangers constantly can make you wonder, how do you know if these people are legit or not? Check out these green flags to see if your match really is a match and if it's a go! See how these green flags resonate with you and if you can spot them in your date or in your current relationship.

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They're Speak Highly About Past Exes or Relationships

How do you usually feel on a first date?

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They're Open to Communicate and Express How They're Feeling


They're a Good Listener

What kind of partner do you go for?

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The Relationship Moves at a Comfortable Pace (For Both of You)


They're Nice to Service People, Not Just on the First Date

What is a green flag for you?

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You Both Have Your Own Life


You Genuinely Feel Good Around Them

What is a must on a first date?

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