15 Helpful Hacks To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

You'll be strutting effortlessly like Beyonce in no time.

Carlie Dobkin
Created by Carlie Dobkin
On May 18, 2015

Instead of looking like this:


Use these hacks to look like this:


1. Prevent blisters:

Before putting on a pair of new shoes, rub clear deodorant gel, baby powder, or petroleum jelly on the heel and sides of your feet to prevent blisters. The deodorant acts as a barrier, protecting your skin from friction.


2. Lace up for comfort:


3. Sandpaper the soles of unworn shoes:

This will create better traction.


4. A simple trick to reduce pain:

Tape your third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe) together to alleviate pain from wearing high heels. Sound crazy? Well, there's scientific proof: there is a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put on it (like when you wear heels). The tape helps to remove strain on the nerve.


5. Break in your new pair:

Wool socks + heat = comfy new pair of shoes in 2 minutes.


6. Learn to tell if your heels will hurt BEFORE you buy them:

1. Pay attention to the heel cup: Manufacturers put a stiffening agent in the heel area. The stiff nature of the counter makes it a prime spot for friction and blisters. Opt for shoes made of real leather or suede, because it’s more pliable than synthetic materials.

2. Do the thumb test: Your shoes will hurt if they're too small. There should be a thumb’s width from the front of the inside of your shoe to the end of your longest toe. Leaving this bit of space is crucial for your foot to have a some wiggle room when walking.

3. Look for the more comfortable styles: Platform, wedges, chunky heels, low heels, and heels with straps or buckles offer more support and are easier to walk in.


7. Walk properly:

When wearing heels, put your heel down first, followed by your toe. This will make your walk look more natural.


8. Widen the shafts of boots with leather stretch spray and newspaper.

Instructions here: http://bit.ly/1DNNxjM


9. Fix worn-down heels with instant heel caps:

And say goodbye to rolled ankles.


10. Prevent slippage with heel grips:

Buy them here: http://amzn.to/1B72YTK


11. Replace old insoles:

Learn how here: http://bit.ly/1AfIKvZ


12. Buy shoes in the evening:

Your feet swell during the day - up to a half size bigger - so you should buy new shoes later in the day, when your feet are at their biggest.


13. Waterproof your shoes:

No more wet, soggy feet.

Learn the DIY waterproofing here: http://go.brit.co/1o1nsdb


14. Fix slippery heels:

Use a DIY cloth insert and some spray adhesive to make walking in heels way less slippery.

Directions here: http://bit.ly/1cKCB03


15. If all methods fail, soak your feet in tea to relieve pain:

Soothe blisters and tired feet by soaking them in green tea. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which will tremendously reduce swelling.

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