We Can Tell If You Are A Crazy Bitch In 5 Questions!

Do you know these girls who after a breakup slash the tires on your car, burn your clothes, and tries to get you fired from your job then calls you the next day wanting to reconcile? Answer this quiz and you'll find out if you're one of them!


A crazy bitch will do things that make completely no sense and not care that she's doing them. She's very selfish, and while she realizes this, she doesn't care.

Which girl from 'Girls' you're most alike? 

You texted him and he hasn't answered within 10 minutes. What would you do?

You go out together, and you see his ex girlfriend. How would you react? 

What's your favorite outfit? 

And your favorite pair of shoes? 

Gal, you're fine. 

Gal, you're fine. 

Yeah, you alright! Just chilling there, doing your thing. 
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You are half way there!

You are half way there!

Girl, sometimes you have some craziness in you! Don't be ashamed, we all like some spice in our friends, it's never too boring.

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You are crazy AF!!!!

You are crazy AF!!!!

And we like it!! You always get the things you want, no matter what! And that's something to appreciate!

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How many crazy gals have you met?

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