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Bob Davies
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On Dec 30, 2018
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The best keynote speaker Bob Davies has an educational background in health and psychology, and he had a successful career as a college football coach which, certainly, has given him the right tools and experience to coach people in their career and life today. Bob is an expert in the field of human potential and has been a keynote speaker and life coach for more than 35 years.

Bob's keynotes present a methodology for the process by laying a foundation of his four core principles:

·        Living With Integrity - I do what I say I will do.
·        The Interdependence of Synergy - I'm far better off as part of a team than can be by myself.
·        Accountability - I am the source of all that I experience versus going victim and blaming others.
·        Service- I am of service to others. I get by giving.
As a best keynote speaker Bob constantly reminds his audiences of one very powerful fact:  “You have far more capacity to create the circumstances and events in your life than you are aware of”. 

Bob Davies Keynotes:

Keynote I - The 1.2% Factor
In this keynote, Bob Davies explains his methodology in an exciting conversation that engages the audience with a simple yet profound set of actionable ways to reach their health, business and personal goals.

Keynote II - The Manager as a Coach
His "Manager As a Coach" keynote describes coaching as a relationship that fosters discovery, self-learning, and accountability.

Keynote III - It's All Attitude
In this exciting program, Bob explores the sequence of events that leads to success, and how to influence their own perceptions in order to instantly change how they feel, and what they do.
Keynote IV - Behavioral Economics - Understanding Why Your Clients Take on the Mind of the Market and What to do About It
In this fascinating keynote presentation, Bob Davies shows his audience how fear and a group-think mentality affects the market, and how to increase results by learning to recognize and avoid conformity.

Keynote V - Wellness program
Weight loss organizations are not designed to help you lose weight; if they worked, they would be out of business! The truth is, a solution does exist to lose weight, and the best part is that there is no diet, willpower or exercise required. His Revolutionary Food Management Program will finally give the audience the tool they need to successfully lose weight.

Keynote VI - A Culture of Safety - The Behavioral Approach
This keynote develops a behavioral safety mindset that enhances your ability to identify unsafe behaviors, builds appropriate observation checklists, and educates workers on how to assess and offer feedback on safety behavior.

Keynote VII - Entertainment through Hypnosis
Bob Davies uses his hypnosis demonstration to illustrate his concepts on human perception. It's a professional demonstration that highlights how perception actually works to influence individuals' beliefs and actions.

Bob Davies clarity of life: “Don’t sit and generate your fear, overcome them by action”!

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