Reduce your belly fat with these breathing techniques..

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On Sep 29, 2018
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Real stress for especially women today is the belly fat around their waist. You may get surprised to know there are some very effective breathing techniques. With a healthy diet plan and regular breathing exercises, you can easily go through a wondrous change in countable days. The deep breathing techniques change the brain’s metabolic activity and also with time reduces body mass index.

  • Deep Breathing:

Take out minimum 15 to 20 minutes for this technique. You must sit straight make sure your back is to the wall. Put your palms on the lap, shut your eyes and slowly take long deep breaths. This method  helps in boosting oxygen in the cells and burn the calories with time.

  • Daiphragm breathing:

For this one you got to lay on your back and slowly initiate the breathing process. Start observing your chest’s movement in sync with the motion of your stomach, up and down. This one helps improving digestion and remove unwanted fat near the stomach area.

  • Breathing through Mouth:

This one puts pressure on the abdominal muscles that refreshes you. In this as well, you can pick up any pose and posture. You should open your mouth and breathe in a perfect order ,slowly through your mouth. In this process inhale for minimum two seconds and then orderly exhale for longer duration about five seconds. Repeat it thrice a day!

  • Belly breathing

This technique of breathing includes concentration on the diaphragm and the muscles just below the lungs. You can pick your posture whatever suits you, standing, sitting and lying down. You must place a hand on the belly  and place the thumb of your hand near your belly button while the other hand maintains the pace of the chest. Now inhale a deep breath, ensuring that the chest doesn’t rise much so that the abdomen expands.

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