Definitive Proof That Capybaras Are The Chillest Animals In The Whole Animal Kingdom

Everyone is chill with Capybaras - and if you don't know what that is, we'll show you!

Arthur Mills
Created by Arthur Mills
On Apr 5, 2016

I know you think you have a lot of friends, but honestly, you aren't as popular as a Capybara. Because everyone LOVES a Capybara.

Ducks and Turtles, because why not?


See this cat? This cat hates everyone. This cat is the Jefferey Dhamer of cats-it's evil and psychotic. But not it's Capybara friend.

If only Jeffrey Dahmer had a Capybara, things would have gone so differently.


Okay dogs love everyone, but it's impressive that this Capybara is managing to lure these water shy puppies into a paddling pool...

"We love you, strange creature! Give us kisses!"


This dynamic duo should have a crime fighting t.v show. 100% would watch.

What do they talk about over dinner? What do they eat for dinner?


Capybaras don't have a preference for friends. They'll take literally anyone.

Even the littlest of birds.


We think the reason everyone loves Capybaras is because they're so chill.

Down with whatever.


I mean honestly- really down for whatever.


Thank you, Capybaras, for being so awesome. Check out more pics of Capybaras here:

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